All-season environmental education program for early learners

Oxbow is working with educators from Frank Wagner Elementary to develop a year-long, all-season program to marry outdoor and class-based education for early learners. The initiative grew out of an interest expressed by Frank Wagner’s kindergarten teachers to collaborate with Oxbow in providing their students regular access to the outdoors. Located in an agricultural area 20 minutes from Oxbow, Frank Wagner serves a predominantly low-income, ethnic minority community. The school has little outdoor green space and the children are largely confined to indoor learning.

A grant from the EPA* is allowing us to develop new programming designed specifically young learners that will provide kids multiple environmental education experiences during their kindergarten year, including field trips to Oxbow and classroom visits by Oxbow educators. All 110 Frank Wagner kindergarteners are participating in the pilot program. We are working hand-in-hand with Frank Wagner teachers to link lessons delivered in different seasons and settings and to ensure that they meet Next Generation Science Standards. Other partners on the project are EduCulture, Farmer Frog, the Sno-King Watershed Council, and the University of Idaho’s McCall Outdoor Science School.

*EPA grant #01J26201. Additional support for this project is provided through matching funds from Raven Trust Fund and through private donations made by Oxbow’s generous supporters.

A Fall Farm Adventure with Frank Wagner Kindergarteners