2014 Farm Internships

2014 Oxbow Farm Intern Program

April 1st – November 21st

(Dates are somewhat flexible)


(If interested in interning in the 2015 season contact us in November)


Oxbow is a 30 acre organic farm, education center, and native plant nursery located on a 100-acre wilderness preserve in the Snoqualmie Valley, 25 miles east of Seattle. The farm supports a 500 member CSA, sells at 2 farmers markets, and supplies over 30 restaurants and 5 grocery stores with local, organic produce. Our education center, which has a working small farm and a Living Playground, is committed to teaching young children about sustainable agriculture and the environment. At Oxbow children see firsthand where their food comes from, where salmon spawn, and understand why we need to protect both. We also actively work with a number of non-profit organizations to restore the native habitat and vegetation around our fields and along our river banks.  And new this year is a native propagation nursery managed in conjunction with the University of Idaho (Oxbow Farm interns will not be involved with the native nursery in 2014).


Intern Responsibilities: 

 Interns will learn about and be involved in all the following aspects of our operation.

  • Production:  Greenhouse propagation, and the sowing, planting, and weeding of crops.
  • Handling:  Harvesting, washing, sorting, grading, and packing of all crops.
  • Sales:  Selling at farmers markets and delivering product to restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Education:   Interns will rotate through our youth education program. You will be trained by our skilled education staff to lead on-farm education programs for school groups. You will also work with farmer Sarah, the director of the education program, on the maintenance of our kid’s farm and living playground.

It is hard, rewarding, fun and educational work!



  • Ability to lift 60 plus pounds on a regular basis
  • Attentive mind for attention to detail and ability to multitask
  • Willingness to work in inclement conditions (LOVE of working in inclement conditions is a plus!).
  • Adaptability between working in team setting and working independently
  • Ability to receive constructive criticism maturely and to give constructive criticism maturely.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • This position requires one to be flexible at times and understand that direction may come from more than one source. However, good communication is not just dependent on direction from supervisors but also on interns asking questions, listening well, and taking an active role in their own experience.



Farming is fulltime work plus.  This means 40-50 hours per week. Interns work a set schedule.  Either M-F or Tues-Sat.  Interns will work one extra day at Sunday market every 4-6 weeks.  Hours are 8am-4pm at the beginning of the season changing to 7am-5pm in June-Aug/Sep, and tapering back again as the season winds down.  However, sometimes we may need to work longer hours, and sometimes we get out of there earlier when we can.  We take a one hour lunch.  No breaks in the morning or afternoon.  If you work an afternoon/evening farmers market you will start later in the day to compensate for the late end time.



Our accommodations are a lovely yurt in a beautiful spot (shared by 2 interns) and a classic Airstream trailer. We do not have shared meals but interns are allowed to harvest for themselves and trade for food items at farmers markets. We welcome interns who wish to live off-farm as well.  Please contact us for more information if you wish to live off farm.



Interns who live on farm, in one of our 3 housing situations, make $750/month, rising to $850/month for October and November.

Interns who live off farm make $850/month, rising to $950/month for October and November


If interested please send or email a resume, cover letter, and 3 references too:


Luke Woodward

Oxbow Farm & Education Center

10819 Carnation-Duvall Rd NE
Carnation, WA 98014
425-788-1134 x 1