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The salmon story continues

chinook salmon

Many a time this season we have made note of how devastating a year this one has been for salmon. In August, we published a story describing a study that is monitoring water temperature in the Snoqualmie River and its tributaries. This study, being conducted by the Snoqualmie Watershed forum with support from King County, aims to help ecologists understand how this year’s drought conditions have affected the habitat and survival of our local salmon. Janne Kaje, the study team’s … read more…

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Our salmon are in hot water

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Plenty of credit has been given in the media to the farmers who are (like always) trying to make ends meet. This year’s  conditions have been especially challenging–unfamiliar at best and downright punishing at worst. Those of us in the Snoqualmie Valley are relatively lucky to have a somewhat dependable source of water and temperatures at least in the same ballpark as reasonable. The situation elsewhere is more serious. Earlier this season, temperatures around Washington have fried raspberries, cracked roads, … read more…

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