Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center

Summer Camp 2014

Community camp

Last season, Oxbow offered 5 weeks of summer camp for kids ages 4-12.




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“Share the Peas” CampĀ Ages 7-12

“Share the Peas” Camp was a week-long camp for friends of the Oxbow Community. In the spirit of “philanthro-pea,” campers learned about hunger and gleaned in the farm fields to make a donation to Hopelink.


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Look at this! (800x600)Farm and Forest Camps Ages 4-12

Once again in 2014, Oxbow partnered for four weeks of camp alongside our friends at Wilderness Awareness School. Campers young and old explored the farm and made connections with their food source.


More info and pictures


Want to get a feel for summer camps at Oxbow? Check out this video.

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