Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center

Food that makes an impact

The 230 acres of forest and valley land that make up the Oxbow property are used for much more than growing food; 30 acres are actively used for farming, and the rest is used to facilitate conservation research, grow native plants, restore natural habitats, and teach future generations about the connection between the food they eat and the land where it’s grown. There’s no place quite like Oxbow, and we’re proud to offer our supporters a share of nutritious food that has a direct, positive impact on the environment—and on the future.

By becoming a shareholder you also support:

-Sustainable, organic growing practices that have a lower impact on the environment

-A connection to the land where your food is grown, with the option to participate in gleaning events

-Eating seasonally and locally

-Fair labor practices

-The overall Oxbow mission!


$600 for the full 20-Week season, payable up front or in 4 monthly installments.

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