True Community Supported Agriculture

Food, Farming, & Community

At Oxbow, we believe that true Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) goes beyond vegetables; it’s about the connections we make – to the soil, to the farmers, and to a community of friends and neighbors who care about where and how their food is grown.

Oxbow’s Winter CSA

Timing: Biweekly – 10 Shares over 20 weeks from November 20th-April 1st. There will be a holiday break the weeks of December 23rd and 30th.

Value: For a one-time payment of $500 $475 (Early Bird pricing ends October. 31st!), you receive $550 worth of produce for the winter season.

Pickup: Pick up your Share at our CSA Farm Stand in Carnation, every other Wednesday from 3PM-7PM.

What veggies to expect: Beets, braising mix, a variety of cabbages, Brussels Sprouts, broccoli, carrots of all colors, celery, radicchio, endive, and other flavorful chicories, collards, chard, kale, leeks, salad mix, onions, winter herbs, parsnips, potatoes, a rainbow of different pumpkin varieties, scallions, spinach, and winter squash, including acorn, spaghetti, delicata, and more!

Additional products from our partners: Mushrooms from Sno-Valley Mushrooms and free-range non-GMO eggs from Cascadia Cooperative Farms.

How does it work?

While our Main Season CSA is a free-choice Market Style structure during the abundant summer and fall months, winter production levels are lower and our farmers will help you build your Share during pickup.

Do I still get to select my own Share?

You still get to choose a hearty Share of organic veggies every other week, but we’ll have guidelines for the quantities and varieties to take home to ensure that there is enough for all of our CSA Shareholders!

See our Winter CSA Policies & FAQs Page for additional information.

Winter CSA Share

$475 For $550 worth of veggies
  • Early Bird pricing ends Oct. 31st! Biweekly pickup from Nov. 20th through April 1st.

From Farm to Fork

Your support makes an impact before the first seeds even begin to sprout. From selecting quality seeds and organic fertilizers, to purchasing the equipment needed to farm each season, your investment helps to ensure that each and every crisp head of lettuce and crunchy carrot get what it needs to grow – and eventually, nourish YOU! 

We can’t think of a more worthwhile investment.

Oxbow Is Your Farm.

We couldn’t do it without YOU – the “C” in Community Supported Agriculture. We believe that a CSA goes beyond vegetables; it’s a relationship between you, your farmers, and the soil that nourishes us all.

When you visit Oxbow to pick up your Share, we invite you to explore. Go ahead, get a little muddy. Chat with our farmers, enjoy a hot cup of cider, and get cozy. Our farm truly is your farm.

Learn more about Oxbow’s work and mission.



Oxbow is a Certified Organic and Certified Salmon-Safe farm.