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Join Oxbow’s CSA and qualify for King County Healthy Incentives



In partnership with King County Healthy Incentives, Oxbow is offering delivery to employees at the Chinook Building and King St. Center through our Community Supported Agriculture program in 2016.

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How it works

A CSA is a partnership with a farm. By becoming a CSA member, you commit to supporting a farm and the farm commits to feeding you through the growing season.

We pack boxes of organic vegetables and deliver them to pick-up locations for our members from May through December. We began our CSA on a half-acre in 1999 and have growing and improving our program ever since. Our 2016 CSA will provide food regularly throughout the growing season to thousands of people around King County.

This season, in partnership with King County, we are delivering our Main Season CSA boxes every Wednesday (July 13-October 19) to King Street Center and the Chinook Building, offering a convenient pick-up location for county employees in these buildings.

As a County employee, joining a CSA can qualify you for Gold status through King County Healthy Incentives! The deadline to sign up with Healthy Incentives benefits is July 1, but you can join our program any time

Visit the King County Healthy Incentives website for more information about how joining Oxbow’s CSA can qualify you for Healthy Incentives.

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Do I have to pick up at work?

No. Oxbow delivers boxes throughout King County, so there is probably a pick-up location close to where you live. You can order your box to be picked up at any of our 50+ pick-up locations and you will still qualify for Healthy Incentives.

How much does it cost?

The price to join the 15-week program is $375

How to sign up:

1. Visit our storefront and choose “Main Season Share

2. Choose your payment plan and click “Add to basket”

3. Choose your pick-up location. King County buildings are listed alphabetically as “King County Chinook Building” and “King Street Center.”

4. Check the box that says “Are you a King County employee?” This will how you will be identified for eligibility through Healthy Incentives!


5. Check out or continue shopping for our Main Season add-on options like fruit, honey, kraut, mushrooms, and coffee.