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OxBox sidebarThanks for sharing the season with us! By investing in our CSA, you are not only guaranteeing yourself local, organic produce all season, but also investing in responsible land use, sound and sustainable growing practices, and environmental education.

The weekly Eater’s Digest newsletter is our tool to communicate directly with you every week. Please open it! We will share your box contents, stories about what’s happening with your food, recipes, and other important program information

Below is a collection of resources to answer any questions you might have.

If your question isn’t answered or if you need to speak with a farmer, we are available by phone at (425)788-1134 and by email at farmers@oxbow.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our complete FAQ can be found here, but here are some common questions to get you started:

My Box

We do our best to predict contents ahead of time and keep them consistent throughout the week. Sometimes, we need to make last-minute substitutions to accommodate certain unexpected factors. If you notice an item is missing from your box, it was likely exchanged for something equally delicious!

My order deadline

We will pack and deliver your Farmer’s Choice share each week. You do not have to order your box every week. Your order deadline only applies if you want to order add-on products or any additional produce. Your order deadline corresponds to your pick-up day:
Wednesday pick-up: Order deadline is the preceding Friday at 11:59 p.m.
Thursday pick-up: Order deadline is the preceding Saturday at 11:59 p.m.


There are infinite ways to prepare your veggies, and we encourage you to turn to the infinite internet to explore some of the possibilities. That’s what we do when we want to be creative! Simply Googling “recipes for __________ and ___________” should turn up a lot.

Our recipes page contains over a hundred seasonal recipes, organized by ingredient. We also provide links to recipes from our favorite food blogs every week in the Eater’s Digest, your weekly CSA newsletter.

Contact us!

We are always available to answer questions and take feedback. Please contact us by email at farmers@oxbow.org or by phone at (425) 788-1134.