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Hiring – Delivery Driver

Nicole loading the van

POSITION: Delivery Driver, Seasonal May – November OXBOW’S MISSION Our mission is to inspire people to eat healthy, sustainably grown food and to steward our natural resources for future generations. WHAT WE DO The Center is located on 230 acres of forest and grassland bordered by Western Washington’s Snoqualmie River. We use this mixed landscape to: Produce food. We cultivate 30 acres of mixed vegetable crops using agro-ecological principles and engage in research to inform conservation farming practice. Grow native … read more…

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Hiring – Seasonal Farm Production Crew


POSITION: Seasonal Farm Production Crew – 3 positions available, see details below. OXBOW’S MISSION Our mission is to inspire people to eat healthy, sustainably grown food and to steward our natural resources for future generations. WHAT WE DO The Center is located on 230 acres of forest and grassland bordered by Western Washington’s Snoqualmie River. We use this mixed landscape to: Produce food. We cultivate 30 acres of mixed vegetable crops using agro-ecological principles and engage in research to inform … read more…

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Let’s talk about our roots…


Many times when we think of the ideal plants for a project, we picture only half the plant. We want a certain height or number of stems, or a specific aesthetic quality of the foliage: but don’t forget to picture the roots of your ideal plant!  Roots are of vital importance to a plant’s survival out in the “real world.”  While the green parts above ground are photosynthesizing to keep the plant fed, down below, the roots bring in the … read more…

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Oxbow in The Seattle Times

Yolanda Hernandez - Seattle Times

About a week before Thanksgiving, Seattle Times photographer Alan Berner contacted Oxbow about coming out to the farm to grab a few shots of the crew harvesting in the fields. He learned about Oxbow from a visit to a local PCC Natural Market — several locations around the Seattle area source a variety of delicious produce straight from Oxbow Farm. A few days later, Alan pulled up with his rain gear and a couple of cameras slung over his shoulders, and set out to document one of the … read more…

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Oxbow awarded EPA grant


Oxbow is proud to announce that we have been awarded an EPA environmental education grant, which is allowing us to partner with a low-income neighboring school to provide their kindergarteners with environmental education and outdoor learning experiences. Over the course of their academic year, students will have multiple exposures to environmental education in the classroom, at Oxbow’s Kids’ Farm, and in school greenspaces that will be installed with assistance from the project. The program will focus on access to the outdoors … read more…

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Join us for the Big Glean!

Gleaning at Oxbow Farm

**PLEASE SEE EVENT UPDATE BELOW** It is a longstanding tradition of ours to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Sukkoth, a celebration of the fall harvest falling shortly after the New Year. Each year for the past seven years, we have gathered with our community in the fields for a group “gleaning,” or a collecting of unharvested food for a donation to local food banks and shelters. Sharing in the harvest to share with those in need is a beautiful way to … read more…

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Local teacher spends her summer volunteering on the Kids’ Farm


The suspicion that local teachers spend all summer relaxing has been proven false by Renee Matson, a kindergarten teacher and a resident of Woodinville. During the year, Renee teaches a class of about 14 kindergarteners at Redmond’s Bear Creek School, but spent this past summer exercising a different part of her brain as a volunteer on our Kids’ Farm. Read the rest of the story in the Woodinville Weekly.

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Local bands are bringing the twang to Oxtober this season

Dysfunction Junction

We are excited to announce a full line-up of local folk, bluegrass, and swing bands performing Saturdays and Sundays during our Oxtober Pumpkin Festival. Bands will play in a tent alongside Oxbow’s Kids’ Farm, adjacent to the beer and wine garden, from 12 – 4 every Saturday and Sunday from October 2 – 30. During the last two weekends of the month, local artist Bob Antone will be holding a pumpkin carving demonstration from 12 – 4. October 2: Live … read more…

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Oxbow to host pollinator field day

pollinator workshop

Oxbow is pleased to be collaborating with Washington State University and the NW Pollinator Initiative are proud to collaborate in presenting a field course about pollinators and farming at Oxbow on Friday, September 16 from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. The field class is for farmers, serious gardeners and anyone interested in insect pollinators, particularly wild bees. You will learn how to identify bees in the field, under a microscope, and how to integrating them into an organic farm system. The four-hour … read more…

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More beets?

Beets, baby red

As a member of a traditional Farmer’s Choice CSA model like ours, you invest in a share of what is produced. Your farm, your food, after all! Each and every year, some crops produce in abundance while others fall flat. This year is no different and, honestly, we are just as surprised as you are that we are struggling to keep beets out of your CSA shares! It’s hard to remember the last time we produced such consistently beautiful beets.  The … read more…

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We are taking a week off from the CSA!


Due to our recent, tragic loss of our field crew anchor, Tino Hernandez, we are taking one week off from harvesting and packing CSA shares in Week 9. We will not be delivering Main Season shares on Sunday, September 4th, Wednesday, September 7th, Thursday, September 8th or Friday, September 9th. To ensure all of our members receive the value that they paid for at the beginning of the season, we will be adding an extra week in late October to make … read more…

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Oxbow loses a farmer and dear friend

Tino on the tractor

Monday morning, Oxbow lost a member of its farm family in every sense. Tino Hernandez, our senior field crew member, passed away suddenly during the early hours. Tino is survived by his family, including his wife Yolanda, son, Gustov, and nephew, Valent, who also work with us on the farm. We are all devastated by the loss of our friend and colleague, a gentle giant who was the master of any task on the farm or in the field. It is … read more…

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Save now, eat later: Carrots


As the calendar turns to August, we enter into the frenzied end of summer when it seems, all-of-a-sudden, as though everything we grow is reaching harvest-readiness all at once. In the next six weeks, our entire farm crew will sustain a daily sprint through the harvest, processing, and packing of dozens of different varieties of vegetables. We encourage you to take advantage of this peak part of our season by stocking up on the bounty. This week, we share tips for … read more…

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Our cucumbers and zucchini, out in the world


Back in June, we shared our plans for feeding King County thousands of pounds of cucumbers and zucchini through our partnerships with great local businesses.  We are now in harvest time for these long-anticipated projects, and we are so proud to share the same food that we feed our CSA community with even more people. This year we have trellised 7 of our 10 beds of slicing cucumbers, and we are just starting to see the results of this new … read more…

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Our feral orchard

walking alone in orchard

The apple, pear, plum, and even peach trees in our small orchard have really grown up over the years. We have about 30 trees producing fruit now, certainly a sizable amount, but not enough to fully carry a 700-member CSA, week-in and week-out. We have aspirations to be better orchardists. Hopefully we will get there soon. This past winter, the trees got their first real pruning in years, and we have seen stronger yields and healthier trees this season as … read more…

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Come on, green beans!

Bean, Crockett 083011 (1)

Green bean is a generic term for immature bean pods that are harvested before the bean fattens up to become a viable seed, when the pod is still tender enough to eat. They are universally loved, and we would grow acres of them each season if we didn’t have to hand-pick every single one of them! Last year, we switched the green bean variety that we grow. Several colleagues had highly recommended the Crockett variety because they put out a … read more…

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Meet Pat


Pat has been a flexible, steady, and creative force at Oxbow since March of 2014.  He is a man of many talents – equally as comfortable leading groups of all sizes and ages as he is behind the scenes, shining the spotlight on the work we do here. He first joined us as OxEd’s first program assistant. In that role, he helped us grow OxEd programming, delivering programs to close to 3,500 children that year compared to 2,000 in the … read more…

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A note on this season’s broccoli


There are so many variables involved in growing broccoli that no matter how long we farm, we still never know what we are going to get. Over the years, we have adjusted timing, spacing, varieties, and nutrients. One year, we had enough beautiful broccoli to stock the shelves at PCC Redmond steadily for months! Most years, we pour our hearts and souls into our broccoli and our CSA members enjoy it in a few boxes. We are fortunate to have … read more…

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Meet the crew: Pete Manrodt


Pete Manrodt is a dedicated field crew member that we are lucky to have back for a second season. Our shift over the last few years from employing a small but steady field crew supplemented by an intern program to investing more money in experienced labor has yielded us a strong team in 2016. Pete is a true farm professional. Any time in the season that an experienced farmer shows up, resume and cover letter in hand, we breathe a … read more…

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In carrots we trust


We are often asked, “What’s your best crop?”, a seemingly simple question, but one that could yield any number of answers depending on your definition of the “best.” To us, best crop could mean most profitable, least resource-intensive, highest yielding, most delicious, lowest impact on the environment, etc. When presented with this question from a group of high school students this week, we responded with the question, “What crop do you think we consider our best?” The kids had obviously done … read more…

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As the CSA picks up, summer camp is also in full swing


As our farm crew packs and delivers the first boxes of our CSA season, Oxbow staff are equally busy elsewhere helping our second crew of summer campers have a blast learning about where their food comes from. Farmer Amanda’s gang spent some time on Thursday morning getting into the minds of some of Oxbow’s wild critters, roaming the farm as ducks, frogs, and snakes. The older kids in our Apprentice Farmers camp spend every day exploring the food growing on … read more…

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