2012 Newsletter #3 – Support Your Local Farmer

Welcome to week three! How are you enjoying your veggies? Our hope is that each week your box feels a little like a gift when you open your box and see the jewel-like vegetables shining up at you…  a thank you for supporting your local farmer. What you are doing is more important than you might know. While I know you signed up for our CSA because you need to feed yourself and your family, and you want to enjoy super fresh, delicious produce, you weren’t necessarily looking to change the world. But you are, in a small, yet significant way. Farming has as been on a dramatic decline over the last century. In 1910 there were over 6.3 million farms in America and farmers made up 31% of the workforce, on top of that many people farmed small family gardens. Looking further back, 200 years ago 90% of Americas farmed. Today it’s estimated somewhere between 1-2% of Americans farm on just over 2 million farms.  …click here to read full newsletter.