2012 Winter Newsletter #2 – Sunny Days to Chilly Fog

Last time I shared my farm insights with you all, I was living in a dreamy, steamy world of never-ending sunlight and dusty bare feet. Needless to say, much has changed here at Oxbow Farm over the past three months. Parched soil has been exchanged for mud (lots and lots of mud), cut off shorts for rain paints, and clear blue skies for a thick and ghostly fog. Only the toughest of crops are holding out through these chilly dregs of Autumn–mostly root vegetables like our multi-talented parsnips and vivid red beets. Other tried and true winter crops like cabbage, leeks, and collard greens will also be making an appearance in your CSA box this week, not to mention the oh so mysterious (and delicious) celeriac.
I hope that the food you’ll be receiving from us for these last two weeks of the season will nourish your body and warm your soul (and vice versa). … click here to read the full newsletter