2013 Newsletter #6 – Keeping your share interesting

So our small shareholders might be surprised to see no lettuce or hearty greens in their box this week, those of you who have been with us for years might even be downright shocked! I admit I questioned the farmer’s judgment on the matter. We ALWAYS have lettuce and a bunch of greens in each box because. In addition to carrots and beets, those are our staple items… the crops that grow so well in our valley. But farmers Luke and Adam were very thoughtful in this decision. They are trying to shake things up a bit this year.

We got some incredible feedback from our members last year (thanks again for all who weighed in)! While many of you expressed great joy in the content and quality of your shares, you also gently shared that a little more is always appreciated. Unfortunately we are a somewhat limited with what we can grow in our valley — for example celery, eggplant, peppers and sweet potatoes just don’t grow well in our fields. But, thanks to our long and mild growing season, we can grow hearty greens, lettuces, carrots and beets almost year round. It seems not everyone wants to eat these every week… At least not at first.  I know, for me, it took a few years of being a CSA member to get into the groove of our seasons and our bounty. Now I could eat greens every night (and often do), beets at least once a week and a salad at just about every dinner.

That said, Adam and Luke are working hard to keep the variety varied. By planting varieties just for the CSA; like berries, napa cabbage and romanesco.  And by loading you up with veggies that have a short season when they’re ‘ON’… Right now it’s beans! Our green beans are coming on so strong right now that we can barely keep up with harvest! Their season is relatively short, so enjoy them while they’re here and at their peak. Earlier it was sugar snap peas whose short season ends around week #4 of the CSA. Next up are cucumbers and summer squashes, and then, at the end of the season, we’ll overwhelm you with winter squash, potatoes and parsnips. Meanwhile we’ll keep the greens, lettuces & beets coming, but not necessarily weekly.

Carrots, on the other hand, are our pride and joy. No one grows sweeter tastier carrots! So as long as we have them they will be in every box.

We truly hope you’re enjoying your box and are inspired to eat something new each week!


Luke, Adam, Sarah, Megan, Bridget, Tino, Yolanda, Valentin, Julio-Cesar,Mike, Mariana, Lisa, Alice, Sarah D, Dana, Joshua, Arwen, Grace, Brandon, and our future farmers Pearl, Emuna, Avi Ray & Zoe Rose.