Oxbow CSA Newsletter #13

Saturday Oxtober 1st from noon – 5pm
Now, lettuce us introduce ourselves…
One of the pleasures of being a CSA member is getting to know the folks who grow your veggies and establishing a connection to the farmland in your “backyard”. I would like to introduce you to the team responsible for growing your food.

Sarah Cassidy & Luke Woodward started farming out here 13 years ago working less than an acre. Within 2 years they were selling at the Ballard Farmers Market and had started the CSA – the first CSA members were friends that they essentially strong-armed into joining. It was known as the Year of the Yellow Zucchini to those who participated. The years passed and the farm grew — Sarah was the heart, soul and muscle for 8 years… and Luke was the pretty face (which is ironic, since Sarah has a much prettier face) handling all of the sales, marketing and office stuff as well as the more carpentry-centric infrastructure needs of the farm (he was a carpenter before he was a farmer). Four years ago Luke and Sarah had sweet baby Pearl and Sarah stepped away from the hard work of farming for a much harder (and even more rewarding) job of mothering.

Enter farmer Adam… After Pearl was born and Sarah was no longer Luke’s partner in farming, Adam McCurdy joined Oxbow as the field manager. Originally from Portland Oregon he has been farming for 13 years, starting near here (outside of Carnation) and then ran Grinning Goat Farm in Portland and Sunny Pine Farm in Twisp before returning to Carnation and joining forces w/ Luke. Now Luke & Adam co-manage the farm collaborating on the decisions regarding the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goings on of the farm. Adam is the calm cucumber to Luke’s frenetic energy (or vice-versa, depending on the day). Essentially, they make a great team keeping each other in balance! When Adam arrived in 2007 they were cultivating 7-acres, now there are 25-acres growing your food!

Sarah is back and better than ever!! She has established Oxbow’s new education center to teach our children about the glories of growing (and eating) organic vegetables and preserving our farmland. She has created the most magical Children’s Garden & Living Playground, if you haven’t seen it yet I hope you can come to the farm one weekend soon and play (you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy yourself)! Sarah and her crew of interns offer tours to school groups in the spring & fall and this summer they launched our drop-in Beet Generation weekend tours to great excitement to all who have come. We also had our first summer campers on the farm this year — troupes of 4-6 & 7-9 year-olds exploring the wilds of Oxbow was so much fun! Shondell, our enchanted camp director opened their young eyes to the wild foods, wild animals, creepy critters and colorful veggies growing at Oxbow.

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