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Stewardship Partners

Their mission is to help landowners preserve the environment. In the Snoqualmie Valley they work to maintain the economic viability of farms and forestland, while helping landowners restore fish and wildlife habitat.

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Natural habitat is an essential component of a healthy farm. We have been working since 2001 to conserve and restore habitat, and educate the community about farming and the environment. Through this work we have reduced erosion to our fields, seen our natural pollinators increase, and the wildlife diversify. Our soil and crops are healthier, and we are helping improve the water quality in a major salmon bearing river. In the spring of 2013, we added a major component to … read more…

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Our production farm is the backbone of our organization. We grow certified organic mixed vegetables on 30 acres through methods that respect and nurture the health of the surrounding ecosystem. Our produce is available through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and at Seattle-area restaurants and grocery stores.  

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Native Plants

If a plant has been in an area historically and was not introduced by human means it is considered to be a native plant. Often the question is posed why are natives “better” than non-natives? Simply put, natives have evolved with the climate and the other native species, and are thus more adept at sustaining themselves and growing in harmony with other plants and animals in their environment. The result is diverse vegetation that requires minimal, if any, resources to … read more…

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