Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center

PCC Scrip program

Support Oxbow at no cost with a PCC Scrip Card


Use it like a debit card at PCC. Each time you reload it, Oxbow gets 5%. It’s that simple.

Our Scrip card is a partnership between Oxbow and PCC. It’s a gift card, but with a twist: Every time a Scrip card is reloaded to pay for groceries, PCC will donate 5% of the value to Oxbow’s education programs.

In other words, when you load your Scrip card up, your money goes to pay for your own groceries but also to support our nonprofit work. It is a win-win-win for you, for us, and for PCC.

The card can be reloaded and reused indefinitely. Reloading your card is easy. You can do it at the cash register or online here.

The cards will come pre-loaded with $10 redeemable at any PCC location.

Interested? We will send you a pre-loaded Scrip card at no cost to you! You simply pay for the pre-loaded value, we ship it to you, and you can immediately start shopping with it. Fill out the form below if you are interested!

scrip instructions