Oxbow’s mission is to discover, practice, and promote land use strategies that sustain diverse habitats while providing for human needs. Located 30 minutes from Seattle in Western Washington’s Snoqualmie Valley, we:

  • Operate a 30-acre certified organic farm that supplies food directly to local consumers, restaurants, grocery stores, hunger relief agencies, and schools.
  • Connect children to nature through year-round environmental education programs delivered on the farm and in the classroom, lunchroom, and school gardens.
  • Run a native plant nursery that produces plants for habitat restoration projects, educational gardens and urban landscapes, and conducts research on native plant propagation using sustainable growing methods.
  • Restore degraded river and forest habitats and monitor the effects on plant and animal populations.
  • Conduct and facilitate research in agriculture, conservation, native plant production and program evaluation.
  • Engage public action in conservation through a variety of short and long term volunteer opportunities.