Initiatives & partnerships

Oxbow conducts and facilitates a wide range of research in agriculture, conservation, native plant production, and program evaluation. We also host students from area colleges and universities to offer them a real-world setting to carry out their own research and gain practical experience in their fields of study.

Ongoing research at Oxbow

Monitoring Oxbow’s ecological health
Staff ecologist Matt Distler, PhD

Promoting pollinator health and pollination services
WSU researchers Elias Bloom, Rachel Olsson, and David Crowder (among others), and local collaborator Bob Redmond

Assessing bird diversity, resource use, and nesting success at Oxbow
Staff ecologist Matt Distler, PhD, and University of Washington avian ecologists Lauren Walker, PhD, and John Marzluff, PhD

Assessing the cost and benefits of birds on organic farms
WSU PhD students Joseph Taylr, Olivia Smith, postdoctoral researcher Amanda Edsworthy, and research assistant Aaron Tormanen, led by WSU entomology professors Bill Snyder and Jeb Owen

Optimizing nitrogen management in organic farming systems
WSU Extension researchers Doug Collins, PhD, Andy Bary, and OSU crop & soil science researcher, Dan Sullivan, PhD

Nitrogen use in Camassia leichtlinii
Matt Davis, Oxbow graduate fellow (University of Idaho) and Anthony S. Davis, professor (Oregon State University)

Developing propagation techniques for milkweeds
Nikki Hanson, research assistant (University of Idaho) and Anthony S. Davis, professor (Oregon State University)

Farm-to-School: Partnering for healthy kids, healthy farms, and a healthy environment
Seattle University assistant professor Erin Vernon and Oxbow consultant Shoko Kumagai, CN, MPH

All-Season environmental education program for early learners
Oxbow Education (OxEd) staff, Frank Wagner Elementary School, EduCulture, Farmer Frog, the Sno-King Watershed Council, and the University of Idaho’s McCall Outdoor Science School.

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