Many people wonder what wildlife has to do with agriculture. In the past farmers and wildlife have seemingly been in opposition with one another. The natural world has been drastically altered and reduced in the past century, and as a result many of its benefits, once offered abundantly, have been reduced or even lost.  We believe that our farm is benefitted by a healthy wildlife population. Beavers for example build dams that provide habitat and water storage. Coyotes, bobcats, snakes, raptors and other birds eat the farm’s pests.  Plants and animals that do not have a direct function for the farm often go unappreciated, but there is a balance that must be maintained to ensure the health of place. There are many natural players who work in unison to keep soil strong and vibrant, and the water clean and clear. If we remove one, the effects are often drastic. Here at Oxbow we have encouraged an environment that is home to wild animals. Do they all help us grow vegetables? Indirectly, yes and we know that as long as we provide them a home, they will provide us a healthy foundation to grow from.