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Oxbow’s mission is to inspire people to eat healthy, sustainably grown food and to steward our natural resources for future generations, but we can’t do it alone! Contributions to Oxbow are one of the best ways to put your values into action and actively help us to:

  • Create connection to, curiosity about, and confidence in nature, laying the foundation for future stewards of the earth.
  • Provide our community with access to sustainably-produced food and connect them to the land where it’s grown.
  • Support the conservation and production of regional native plants, while inspiring appreciation for their value, beauty, and habitats that they depend on.
  • Seek better ways to reconcile human land use with ecosystem health and share what we learn with our community.

Oxbow is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, and we depend on the generous gifts of our supporters to continue our vital work. Through your support, we are able to offer outdoor education for children, research and grow important species in our Native Plant Nursery, monitor and study our land so that we may learn how to benefit from it while preserving it, and farm using sustainable growing practices to produce healthy, organic produce.

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