Meet the Education Team!

Kent Chapple | Education Program Manager

Kent was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, OR), and has over 14 years of experience developing and delivering environmental education and science programming, including Northwest cultural and natural history, organic gardening, foodshed, and aquatic and marine science education. He has worked with programs serving children and adults in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and California. Kent earned his BS in Biology from Southern Oregon University and his Masters in Education from the University of California Santa Cruz. He has a passion for curriculum development and has implemented various best practices for science education, including the Next Generation Science Standards that we use as a reference point for OxEd programs. Kent also has deep experience building and leading teams and a solid commitment to team and culture development. Kent likes things that start with “B,” such as boats, bikes, books, blueberries, beets, and being on and around water. He also loves to geek out on often-overlooked invertebrates and learn the stories of places (new and familiar), their people, and their more-than-human inhabitants.

Emma Pesis | Environmental Education Program Specialist

Yet another one of those California transplants, Emma’s passion for garden and farming only deepened when she moved away from her home in agricultural Davis, CA, to the Pacific Northwest. She graduated from Willamette University with a B.A. in Environmental Studies, and later an M.S. Ed. in Educational Leadership & Policy from Portland State University, and hunkered down into garden and farm programmatic development in Salem and Portland, Oregon. More recently, Emma deepened her knowledge in the Next Generation Science Standards and inquiry- and place-based learning from her time working for IslandWood. She has spent the past year developing framework resources, lessons, and guidance for school teachers, administrators, and community organizations around the Puget Sound and Olympic School Districts. Thrilled to be back on a farm, Emma is looking forward to supporting all young hearts as they continue to build their sense of place and self at Oxbow.

Shea Scribner | Oxbow Education Assistant Manager

Grown fresh right here in the Pacific Northwest, Shea has always been inspired by the enormous trees and equally impressive little mosses that so quickly occupy every available surface. Applying this enthusiasm for nature’s treasures large and small, Shea has worked as a naturalist throughout Oregon and Washington, balancing educational theory with hands-on experience to graduate with an Environmental Education BA and Masters in Urban Environmental Education. From serving on riparian restoration crews to installing permaculture landscapes in Seattle, Shea enjoys exploring the ways humans can work with nature to support resilient habitats in both rural and urban environments. Shea couldn’t be more excited to explore healthy food and local ecology, build a loving community, and broaden curiosities with Oxbow’s adventurous young learners!

Kaiti Lopez | Oxbow Education Program Coordinator

Kaiti was born in Oregon, where she lived until moving to Seattle, Washington, to attend college. She attended Seattle University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies. After she graduated, Kaiti split her time between working at a farm-to-table restaurant and as a youth environmental educator and observed that food is the backbone of the community everywhere. She fell in love with both jobs, and the fusion of both eventually led her to garden-based education. Kaiti is impressed and inspired by the innate curiosity, wonder, and resiliency that children hold and believe in natural spaces’ power to foster joy, growth, and learning. Kaiti likes laughing, being in the water, growing food, dancing, reading, and playing cribbage.  Her favorite vegetable is the cucumber!


Catherine Ullery | Environmental Educator

Born in Ohio and raised in Washington, Catherine learned to appreciate both fireflies and forests at a young age. She graduated from Whitworth University with a B.A. in English and a minor in Environmental Studies. After graduation, she began working for the National Park Service, which allowed her to explore new states and ecosystems across the West. Most of her work was in environmental education, where she taught curriculum-based programs that engaged the students through experiential, place-based learning opportunities. After living in 7 different states, she has returned to her home of Washington and is excited to explore the Snoqualmie Valley. She looks forward to creating safe spaces for people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with our natural world through curiosity, wonder, and fun.