Meet the Education Team!

Shea Scribner | Oxbow Education Assistant Manager

Grown fresh right here in the Pacific Northwest, Shea has always been inspired by the enormous trees and equally impressive little mosses that so quickly occupy every available surface. Applying this enthusiasm for nature’s treasures large and small, Shea has worked as a naturalist throughout Oregon and Washington, balancing educational theory with hands-on experience to graduate with an Environmental Education BA and Masters in Urban Environmental Education. From serving on riparian restoration crews to installing permaculture landscapes in Seattle, Shea enjoys exploring the ways humans can work with nature to support resilient habitats in both rural and urban environments. Shea couldn’t be more excited to explore healthy food and local ecology, build a loving community, and broaden curiosities with Oxbow’s adventurous young learners!

Emma Pesis | Environmental Education Program Coordinator

Yet another one of those California transplants, Emma’s passion for garden and farming only deepened when she moved away from her home in agricultural Davis, CA, to the Pacific Northwest. She graduated from Willamette University with a B.A. in Environmental Studies, and later an M.S. Ed. in Educational Leadership & Policy from Portland State University, and hunkered down into garden and farm programmatic development in Salem and Portland, Oregon. More recently, Emma deepened her knowledge in the Next Generation Science Standards and inquiry- and place-based learning from her time working for IslandWood. She has spent the past year developing framework resources, lessons, and guidance for school teachers, administrators, and community organizations around the Puget Sound and Olympic School Districts. Thrilled to be back on a farm, Emma is looking forward to supporting all young hearts as they continue to build their sense of place and self at Oxbow.

Catherine Allemann | AmeriCorps Food Educator

Catherine was hatched in the suburbs of Seattle and spent her childhood exploring the state from the islands of the Salish Sea to the high desert of central Washington. She then spread her wings and flew to the east coast to attend Boston University where she earned a degree in economics and public health, taking special interest in how human systems interact with the environment. She had the opportunity to learn from sustainable agriculture and garden-based education programs all over the state while working at the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources which solidified her desire to help children connect with their food!  After four years of missing the mountains and trees, Catherine is so excited to be back in the Pacific Northwest serving at Oxbow and learning from the OxEd team!

Audrey McLane | Garden Coordinator

After growing up in Los Angeles, CA, Audrey left to go to college in Northern California, at UC Davis. There she fell in love with the earth and found a passion in farming with the Student Farm. Audrey graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture and moved to San Diego, CA where she worked on residential and office building design projects. Before joining the team at Oxbow, Audrey worked on a homestead on Whidbey Island where she got to learn about permaculture and small-scale organic farming. Audrey is very excited to keep the Kid’s Farm thriving and learn about Washington’s ecosystems!