Summer Camp Policies

Please read the following policies prior to registering your child for camp. During the registration process, you will be asked to check a waiver box indicating that you have read, understand, and agree to the policies listed below.

Thank you!

Summer Camp Payment
Coupon Policy
Cancellations & Refunds (UPDATED JUNE 2020)
COVID-19 Health & Safety (UPDATED JUNE 2020)
Camper Grouping Requests
Acts of Mother Nature
Photo/Video Release
Health & First-Aid
Emergency Treatment/CPR Permission Medical Waiver
Safety Expectations
Behavioral Expectations
Diversity & Equity

Summer Camp Payment

Payment is due at the time of registration. If you need to make alternate arrangements please contact us at prior to registering.

Coupon Policy

Only one coupon discount may be applied during registration. Discounts may not be combined.

Oxbow Members: To receive your 10% Member Discount on your total Summer Camp registration cost, please ensure that you are signed in to your Oxbow account. The discount will be automatically applied at checkout. If you need a reminder of your login info, please reach out to us at

Learn more about becoming an Oxbow Member!

Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

Oxbow has updated our Summer Camp Cancellation Policy for the 2020 camp season in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is our goal to ensure camp families will not be financially impacted by cancelled programs, and will be supported if illness or any other unforeseen hardship is affecting your family. 

In order to do what we feel is right for the health of our families, our staff, and our greater community, Oxbow has made the difficult decision to cancel all younger (ages 4-10) camper day-camps: Sweet Discoveries and Guardians of the Plants. To fill the void, we are offering an opportunity to participate in our Oxbow Adventure Package. We hope this will bring a bit of camp magic to your family this summer, as it focuses on single-family visits to the farm, virtual “meet-ups”, and a host of nature activities assembled by our team of educators.

At this time we still intend to host our smaller Dig Deeper camps (for campers 11+ years old) in late July and early August. As long as the many health and safety milestones are reached, we feel confident we can host these camps safely on site. Our goal is to serve as a resource to your family, while simultaneously practicing protective health & safety guidelines.

Oxbow’s COVID-19 Summer Camp Cancellation Policy

Campers are eligible for a full 100% refund for all summer camp programs if:

  • Oxbow cancels or reschedules any summer program due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Families are adversely impacted by COVID-19 (job loss, illness or suspected exposure to COVID-19, caring for sick family members, etc.) and have to cancel their registration.

You can use a portion of your refund to sign up for Oxbow’s Adventure Package.

Please understand that Oxbow is experiencing significant financial impact from COVID-19. During cancellation, registrants will have the option to donate a portion of the refunded amount to help with our already incurred costs, and also support us in offering program access for all families, regardless of financial status, during this challenging time.

For Dig Deeper pre-teen camps that remain on our summer schedule, the above policy applies. Additionally, we ask that all cancellations or changes be made at least one week prior to the start of the scheduled camp session, if possible. You can cancel by emailing

Cancellations after the camp session has started

After the camp session has begun, if an illness, unforeseen circumstance or hardship causes a camper to miss two or more days of camp, Oxbow will decide on a case by case basis whether to refund the per diem camp fee for missed days of camp. Oxbow is unable to offer refunds for a single or partial missed day. Please also read our Disclosure policy below and note that non disclosure of medical, psychological or behavioral challenges may result in a child being sent home from camp mid-week without refund.


If you choose to cancel or leave a camp session for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible at or call the Summer Camp Cell Phone at 425-419-6068.

COVID-19 Health & Safety

Our full COVID-19 Health & Safety guidelines and policies for campers who will be on-site at Oxbow are available here.

Camper Grouping Requests

Our counselors are trained in helping campers make friends, but we will also honor group requests as possible. Here’s how you can help ensure your camper is grouped with one or two of their friends or family members:

  • When making group requests, please ensure that the request is going to be the best fit for your camper. Camp groups are primarily established based on age, which aims to provide engaging and developmentally appropriate programming. Requested camper “buddies” should be within 1-2 years of age, unless they are siblings who will be successful in a group together.
  • Group requests will be honored ONLY if both parties list each other as requests.
  • Requests must be received at least one week prior to the camp start date.

We are unable to guarantee placement/transfer into a preferred camp group for week- or day-of requests.

Acts of Mother Nature

In the past, we’ve enjoyed spending camp days outside rain and shine, only retreating to the barn in rare instances of lightning. Our indoor spaces are unable to accommodate campers long-term, and with the increased threat of summer wildfire smoke in Western Washington, it is necessary to have an updated plan in place to ensure the safety of our campers and staff.

Throughout camp sessions, Oxbow Staff will consult the Washington Department of Ecology website for updates on air quality. If threat levels at our nearest monitoring sites in North Bend and Bellevue read “Unhealthy” or worse, or if our specific Snoqualmie Valley site conditions are deemed unsafe for staff and campers by the Director, we will reach out to all families, first via email then via phone call, by 8:00AM to cancel camp for the day. If your child has additional health concerns or sensitivities and must be withheld from camp, please let us know as soon as possible.

If two or more camp days are cancelled due to smoke, fire, or air-quality concerns, we will offer a refund for the total number of cancelled days, at 50% of the per diem rate. These conditions pose a huge threat to outdoor recreation, agriculture, and environmental organizations, and we are grateful for your support and understanding.

Photo/Video Release

Photographs and video that represent our educational programs, events, and work help tell the story of Oxbow’s mission and introduce new participants to our programs. We ask for your support by agreeing to the photo waiver within the online registration form, helping us to share our work and mission with more people.

By agreeing to the photo/video release, you grant permission for Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center to capture still or motion picture images of yourself/your child and/or audio recordings of you/your child’s voice while participating in Oxbow programs or events for use on our website, promotional/marketing or outreach purposes, including but not limited to electronic or print materials, or print or broadcast media.

Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center will never sell still/motion picture images or audio recordings to parties beyond the organization.

Health & First-Aid

Oxbow prioritizes the physical and emotional safety of our campers. All camp staff are CPR & First Aid certified, have passed a background check, and always carry a first aid kit, radio, and cell phone in case of emergency. Additionally, all summer camp staff receive training in early childhood development and emotional wellness to ensure that every camper receives the support they need.

Please note: our camp staff will work with each camper to ensure they have a successful camp experience; however, we are not able to provide constant one-on-one adult support. If your camper needs one-on-one support during camp, a trusted adult helper is invited to attend camp with your child at no additional cost. Please let us know what your camper needs and/or make arrangements by emailing

All injuries and behavioral incidents will be clearly communicated to parents/guardians, and a detailed response plan is in place for on-farm emergencies, which include weather/environmental threats, any accident requiring use of CPR/First Aid, and injuries requiring a visit to a hospital. Our online registration forms include space for you to alert us to specific concerns, allergies, or needs. Please contact us if you have any questions about specific needs. We will do our best to accommodate.

If your child is carrying an epi-pen for anaphylaxis, Benadryl, or other medications, please notify your group leader (and your child) about where that medication is kept. Please note: if your child has experienced anaphylaxis in the past, they MUST carry a current epinephrine device and Benadryl in an outside, accessible pocket of their backpack.

Any and all medications (inhalers, etc) that your child may need should be packed safely in their backpack. Make sure that your child is aware of the location of these important medical devices or medications.

Please see our Cancellation and Refund policies above if your child experiences a minor injury during or outside of camp that takes them away from their camp session for more than a day.

Emergency Treatment/CPR Permission Medical & Liability Waiver

Click HERE to review the Oxbow Summer Camp Medical & Liability Waiver.

During the camp registration process, you will be asked to ELECTRONICALLY sign this document.

Note: A signed medical & liability waiver MUST be on file prior to the start of your child’s camp session.  If it’s not signed by day 1 of camp, we will ask that a parent or guardian signs it on day 1 of camp.


We have recently revised our immunization policy to reflect the Washington State public schools and childcare facilities policy on immunizations/vaccinations. Required vaccinations are listed below. Campers with religious or medical exceptions must submit proof of exception to the Camp Director prior to the start of camp. Measles (MMR) vaccination is required and not eligible for exemption as per WA state law. For more information on how to submit your proof of exception for other listed vaccinations, please contact For more information on Washington State immunization/vaccination requirements for public schools and childcare facilities, please click here.

Immunizations required by schools and childcare facilities should be up to date. These include:

(1) Chickenpox (Varicella);
(2) Diphtheria;
(3) German measles (Rubella);
(4) Haemophilus influenzae type B disease;
(5) Hepatitis B;
(6) Measles (Rubeola);
(7) Mumps;
(8) Pneumococcal disease;
(9) Polio (Poliomyelitis);
(10) Tetanus; and
(11) Whooping cough (Pertussis).


Full disclosure of your child’s medical, emotional and behavioral status upon registration is required in order for us to create the most enjoyable, safe and harmonious camp experience for your child and for all campers. Our capacity to work with a wide range of challenges is significant, but we can only do so when we have all of the information. Nondisclosure of medical, psychological or behavioral challenges may result in a child being sent home from camp mid-week without refund. This information is confidential and will only be shared with our educational staff members.

Please note: our camp staff will work with each camper to ensure they have a successful camp experience; however, we are not able to provide constant one-on-one adult support. If your camper needs one-on-one support during camp, a trusted adult helper is invited to attend camp with your child at no additional cost. Please let us know what your camper needs and/or make arrangements by emailing

Safety Expectations

Oxbow asks parents and guardians to be open communicators and share the following safety expectations with their campers: Safety Expectations

  • Only wade in water in pre-approved areas up to knee height
  • Climb trees no higher than the camper’s head height
  • Wait to be invited before harvesting and tasting plants
  • Stay with the group at all times
  • Keep closed-toe shoes on at all times, even while wading
  • Exercise safety with rocks and sticks

Certain areas of Oxbow will be off-limits. Camp Staff will address any safety-related concerns as they become apparent.

Behavioral Expectations

Oxbow Summer Camp leaders work with camp groups to establish a group contract at the beginning of each week, and will utilize a three-warning system to give campers the opportunity to improve their behavior. Some behaviors will not be tolerated during summer camp and will warrant immediate removal from camp, with no refund.

Behaviors that will not be tolerated include:

  • Abusive behavior. This includes behavior that puts the camper’s own safety and/or the safety of others at risk physically or mentally, including bullying, fighting, throwing/hitting with objects, and verbal abuse
  • Group/gang bullying
  • Intentional or inappropriate invasion of privacy during restroom use, changing clothing, or other private moments
  • Derogatory statements about social status, religion, national origin, race, color, ancestry, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, intelligence, habits, hobbies, school performance, physical size, ability, appearance, and similar personal subjects

Parents will be communicated with daily via email and in person. Please allow for a few extra moments during camper check-out to talk briefly with your camp instructor. If you are carpooling, the person who is signing the camper out should be prepared to check in.

We ask that parents support the effort to keep campers safe. If you hear about a concerning incident, please make sure your group leader or camp director is immediately made aware of the incident by emailing or by calling the Summer Camp Cell phone: 425-419-6068.

If camper requires one-on-one staff attention for more than 50% of the camp day, they may be asked to stay home or bring an adult helper.

Wednesday is a cut-off day, meaning if a camper’s behavior prompts the need for constant redirection, pulls staff resources/attention away from the group, or has created safety concerns for other campers or families, the camper will be sent home after Wednesday regardless of whether or not three warnings were issued on that day. Oxbow staff will ensure that parents are made aware of this possibility and are given adequate information and time to support their camper’s behavior improvement. Sending a camper home from camp is a last resort.

Equity & Diversity

Oxbow’s summer camps aim to provide a safe, welcoming and supportive place for all campers and their families, and if that environment is compromised by a camper, staff, or volunteer, we will address the issue to the best of our abilities. Becoming an inclusive and anti-discriminatory organization is a journey, and we appreciate your understanding, support, and allyship in this continued effort. If you have any feedback or concerns, please contact us at

In order to be as inclusive and equitable as possible during camp, we’ll work with your campers to ensure that diversity is valued and that campers receive the support they need during a camp week. This might take to form of:

  • Group agreements that emphasize treating people well in terms of our differences
  • Using pronouns or nicknames that affirm someone’s self-proclaimed gender identity
  • Storytelling that may have same-gender protagonists in a relationship
  • Normalizing appropriate exploration and natural curiosity around these topics
  • Group reflection and discussions on these topics