Spring CSA 2022

May 11-June 15

Farm Stand


Spring & Main Season BUNDLE:

Step into the sunshine of spring and savor the year’s first harvests of leafy greens, hearty roots, peas, beans, broccoli and so much more with Oxbow’s Spring CSA!  

From Farm to Fork

Your support makes an impact before the first seeds even begin to sprout. From selecting quality seeds and organic fertilizers, to purchasing the equipment needed to farm each season, your investment helps to ensure that each and every crisp head of lettuce and crunchy carrot get what it needs to grow – and eventually, nourish YOU!

How does Oxbow’s Spring CSA work?

When you make your up-front, one-time payment of $200, your spot in the Spring CSA is secured.

Each Friday, our farmers email you a list of 3 box options and you choose what best suits your needs. Our farmers will build your Share, pack it, and have it ready for you at the Farm Stand the following Wednesday.

Why a pre-packed box?

During the spring, curated boxes allow our farmers to ensure enough fresh veggies for all. We offer a free-choice Market Style CSA during our Main Season.

Pickup Details

Oxbow Farm Stand
Wednesdays 3pm-7pm
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What veggies to expect

Arugula, beets, broccoli, carrots, garlic scapes, hearty greens, herbs, lettuce, radishes, rhubarb, salad mix, sugar snap peas, daikon, kohlrabi, mint, pac choi, fennel, “grow your own garden” plant starts, and more.

Oxbow members get 10% off all CSA shares.
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Bundle & SAVE!

Spring CSA + Main Season CSA

Get 26 weeks of fresh produce and save $50 when you bundle up! You’ll enjoy the 6-Week Spring CSA plus the 20-Week Main Season CSA, which includes partner products like eggs, honey, and fruit, and access to U-Pick flowers, fruit, and herbs!

Learn more about the Main Season CSA here and get the bundle!

Note: Early bird pricing and returning Shareholder pricing do not apply to the Bundle.

Spring & Main Season Bundle

  • $800 value in produce, partner products (honey, eggs, mushrooms, and fruit), and U-Pick flowers. fruit, and herbs!

Spring CSA

  • 6 weeks of seasonal, organic produce. $25 of your investment directly benefits Oxbow's hunger relief efforts.

The Nitty Gritty

Other Share Options

Oxbow is a Certified Organic and Certified Salmon-Safe farm.