Below are Oxbow’s Spring CSA policies, along with some frequently-asked questions about how the program works. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at


What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique model of local agriculture in which a community and farmer develop a direct and close relationship with one another. In doing so, CSA participants are able to insert themselves back into the food system and share in both the risk and the rewards that farmers face each and every season – and it’s one of the main reasons we refer to our participants as “Shareholders.” CSA Shareholders invest in a portion of the season’s harvest at the beginning of the year; their investment helps provide their farmer with the support to invest in the seeds, fertility, and equipment needed for the coming growing season. In return, the farm provides a healthy bounty of produce to their Shareholders throughout the season.

There are many forms of CSA programs: some are exclusively delivery-based where members pick up or receive a box from a distribution site; others invite Shareholders to the farm to pick up their vegetables in-person, directly from the farmers. Regardless of each CSA’s structure, the core tenets remain consistent: Shareholders receive delicious local food, cultivate a closer relationship with their farmer, develop familiarity with how their food is grown, and become connected to the seasonality of their region.  

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What makes Oxbow’s farm and CSA unique?

Oxbow is not only a farm; it’s a nonprofit organization that recognizes each integral part needed to build a thriving and sustainable ecosystem. Oxbow grows food and native plants, restores and maintains the land, and educates people about nature and farming so that the cycle can continue, generation after generation. You can learn more about Oxbow’s work and mission here.

Oxbow is committed to connecting our Shareholders to the land and to the people who care for it. Our goal is to grow a strong community around our CSA program, and by sharing our farm with you, cultivate passionate land stewards and advocates for local agriculture.

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How does the Spring CSA work?

The Spring CSA is similar to many “traditional” CSA programs, where Shareholders receive a pre-packed box of fresh produce each week in exchange for an up-front payment.

Oxbow’s 2020 Spring CSA is a new program that aims to bring more fresh, local, and organic produce to people during a time where access to safe food is paramount. Production levels are lower in the spring, so to ensure that there is enough produce for all, Shareholders get to choose from one of three pre-packed box options each week. We will invite Shareholders to make their box selection by a set weekly date and time (via email), and then our farmers will get to packing your Share of delicious local produce. You’ll pick up your box at the site you chose during signup, bring the produce home, and get eating!

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Where is Oxbow located?

We are a King County farm located in beautiful Carnation, WA, just 25 miles east of Seattle. Our physical address is 10819 Carnation-Duvall Rd. NE, but to get to our CSA Farm Stand, you’ll need to be sure to use our Public Entrance at 268th Ave. and Hwy 203. Our Public Entrance doesn’t have a physical address, so Google Maps/GPS devices sometimes direct people to the wrong entrance. Please see a map and directions here.

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Is there U-Pick or the option to explore the farm during the Spring CSA Season?

No, in addition to it being too early in the season for U-Pick, we are not permitting visitors on-site until Washington’s social distancing orders have been lifted. The safety of our staff, our visitors, and the food that we grow are all critical, and we thank you for understanding that we can’t host visitors quite yet. We are hoping that U-Pick will return in full swing for the Main Season CSA.


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What health and safety measures is the farm taking to protect CSA Shareholders?

The health and safety of our Shareholders and our staff are Oxbow’s number one priorities. We will practice social distancing at pickups for as long as is mandated, and will have procedures in place to make your pickups as smooth and safe as possible. More information will be shared as we near the start of the season. Click here to learn more about Oxbow’s health and safety practices on the farm.

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Investment in Oxbow’s Spring CSA gives Shareholders 6 weeks of fresh organic vegetables, while also helping our farm purchase the materials, organic fertilizers, and equipment we need to farm each season. 

The total cost for the full 6-week season is $175, payable in one lump sum prior to the start of the season. See additional payment information below.

Every week, our farmers will build your Share valued at around $25. 

Scholarships: We want our CSA to be accessible to as many people as possible. If CSA costs pose a hardship, please contact us for more information about our scholarship program.

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Payment Policy

Payment is due at the time of registration in order to secure your spot. 

Payment by credit card or e-check is preferred via our CSA signup page. Please contact us directly if you need to make alternate payment arrangements.

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Pick-up Information

Oxbow’s CSA season runs for 6 weeks, every week, starting May 13th.

Pick-up location and time
• Wednesdays from 3PM-7PM at the farm in Carnation, WA. Download on-farm pick-up protocol here.

• Saturdays from 10AM-12PM* in the Issaquah PCC parking lot. Download Issaquah pick-up protocol here.

• Sundays from 11AM-2PM* on Mercer Island at Pagliacci (pick up inside store). Download Mercer Island pick-up protocol here.

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Missed Weeks

If you know you will be unable to pick up your Share on a certain date, please contact us at as soon as possible to arrange for alternate pickup. We will do our best to accommodate with an appropriate amount of notice. 

If you forget to pick up your box, it will be donated to Oxbow’s partnering hunger relief organizations. We are committed to reducing food waste and ensuring that community members beyond our CSA have access to organic food. Please note that our off-farm pickup locations do not offer cold storage and they cannot hold boxes for us, so remember to pick up during your designated time slot. (Set a reminder in your phone or email calendar!)

We are unable to offer refunds or credits for missed pickups.

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As a true Community Supported Agriculture program, our Shareholders partner with Oxbow farmers to share in both the risks and successes of a growing season. Shareholders provide critical funds to help our farmers purchase the materials needed to farm during the winter season. We plan our crops and staffing needs based on Shareholder participation and commitment to the season, and are unable to offer refunds past 5/13/19. We will review cancellation requests when extenuating circumstances arise.

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Oxbow is a Certified Organic and Certified Salmon-Safe farm.