Farmer in the Classroom

During the season when outdoor field trips aren’t possible, and young folks get restless as the days are shorter, Oxbow’s farm educators bring the farm to you with one of several interactive lessons.

Connect directly with a farmer, and provide your students with a unique, engaging, educational, and entertaining experience.

Teachers, Educators, Homeschoolers, and learning pods are all welcome to participate. If you’re not sure this is the right program for you contact us. Let’s chat!

Who is it for?


  • Preschool-8th grade.
  • Our experience is adapted to your group level, during sign-up you will be asked a few questions about your group to help us prepare better.
  • Up to 30 students per lesson.
  • Max. 4 programs scheduled in one day.
  • Schools/sites within King or Snohomish Counties.

When can I schedule?

  • This program will be open from January through March 2023. 
  • Interested in a Farmer in the Classroom lesson outside of those times? Contact us! 
  • Programs are 60 minutes in length (program length can be adjusted, just let us know!) 
  • Lesson plans are scheduled Monday-Friday

How much is it?


  • Each lesson is valued at $175 
  • If cost represents a hardship for you we offer a sliding scale payment method, available at checkout. Don’t let this hold you back from applying. 

Click here for instructions and a copy & paste email template on how to enroll!


Programs are adapted to each grade level, and we can work with you to create a fantastic experience for your group. Choose one of the programs below and let them explore the fantastic world of farming, nature, seeds, and more!

Wonder Worms!
What makes healthy soil? We explore soil, learn about worm anatomy, and interact with them in the worm bin. Suggested Grade Levels: Preschool-3rd grade

  • NEW OPTION: Try our scaled-up Worms and Decomposition lesson for 4th & 5th grades. We explore how in nature there is no such thing as waste and highlight worms and decomposers as the clean up crew in this closed-loop cycle. We target NGSS Performance Expectation 5-LS2-1 with this in-class experience.

Seeds and Me
Are seeds only for planting? No! We use seeds every day! We will explore familiar seeds, learn where they come from, and even dissect a seed to discover what’s inside! Suggested Grade Levels: PreK to 5 

The Buzz on Pollination
Animals need plants to survive, but do plants need animals? We explore the magic of pollination through an interactive game and discover the role of pollinators in growing the fruits we know and love. Suggested Grade Levels: 1 to 4

Calling All Birds
What makes beaks unique? Students become scientists as we discover how birds have adapted to their environment to feed themselves.  Suggested Grade Levels: PreK-5

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“I loved how we had someone come to us instead of going out in January. Worked out well and easy-peasy. I am doing an overarching curriculum this year on nutrition so working in the Oxbow visits has been great at driving and supporting that curriculum…Oxbow met all our needs, expectations, and interest level. I had one second grader in particular that told me not once but twice ‘thank you for taking us here today’!”

2017, Eton School lower elementary teacher

Our programs are designed to be engaging, educational, and entertaining for your students without adding you lots of extra work. We customize them as needed to adapt them to your group. 

Instructions to enroll: 

  1. Choose your topic. Please take a look at the topics (anchor link back to “topics section”?) we offer and select them based on your curriculum, or your student’s biggest curiosity. 
  2. Apply. Email us using the email template below
  3. Register. Once we’ve received that information, we’ll send you a registration link for your requested date/time. Your registration is not confirmed until you’ve registered via this custom link.
  4. Plan your visit. Once you’ve registered online, prepare your group for our visit. Please read these requirements and considerations for hosting an Oxbow Educator. 
  5. Sit back, learn, and enjoy. Our team will be ready to show up on your scheduled date, prepared with a fantastic lesson and a unique experience of bringing a real-life farmer into the classroom! To ensure a positive experience we ask for your support with organization and group control. 

Copy and paste this email template and email us at with the following information:

  • Topic of choice: 
  • Date you would like your program (please list your top three choices):
  • Time of day you’d like the program (60 minutes long):
  • Full name of your school/organization:
  • Your school/organization’s address:


Our COVID-19 safety measures are subject to change as we continue to closely monitor WA State’s guidelines.

If you, your school, or your group is not ready yet for an in-person visit be sure to check out our Virtual Farm Adventures, where Oxbow Educators will host an online experience where students get to ask questions and explore life on the farm from afar. 

Any questions? Contact us at
>> Read Oxbow’s COVID-19 Response