Native Plant Workshops

Native plants can be quite mysterious and have many interesting strategies to ensure their reproductive success in the wild—some of which can make them challenging to propagate and grow in an artificial situation. This year, learn about how Oxbow is unlocking some of our native plants’ most compelling secrets and join us for our hands-on Native Plant Workshop Series! Learn more and register by clicking on the links below.

Workshop #1: Native Plant Identification | 6/2/18 | 10AM-12:30PM
Explore Oxbow and learn some of the important native plants common here in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Workshop #2: Native Seed Collection | 7/7/18 | 10AM-12:30PM
Walk the Oxbow property and learn how to recognize seed ripeness, collect responsibly, and learn about techniques and tools for collecting in the field.

Workshop #3: Native Seed Cleaning and Storage | 8/4/18 | 10AM-12:30PM
Learn simple techniques to clean, dry, and store your seed so that it will stay viable until you are ready to sow it.

Workshop #4: Native Plant Propagation | 9/1/18 | 10AM-12:30PM
Learn about seed dormancies and how to break them, easy methods to treat and sow seeds, and resources to use as you learn more.

Details and Cost

Workshops are $30 for Members and $40 for non-Members  for 2.5 hours of instruction, demonstration, and hands-on participation. Students will take home some materials of their own, plus handouts with information covered in class. Our Native Plant workshops are recommended for participants ages 15 and up. Learn more about becoming and Oxbow Member.

Where to Meet: Oxbow’s Native Plant Nursery; we’ll have signs directing visitors, or stop at the Farm Stand to be pointed in the right direction!
Where to Park: Please use our Public Entrance off of 268th Ave NE and park in our events parking lot

All of Oxbow’s Native Plant Workshops are taught by our Nursery Manager, Bridget McNassar.

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