2012 CSA Newsletter #1 – The Season has Begun!

On your mark… get set… eat your veg!

Hallelujah! The first week of the CSA is upon us. So get your crispers cleaned out and get ready for your weekly bounty of fresh vegetables to start flowing! This is always such an exciting (and stressful) time for us on the farm. We look forward to reconnecting with our members — it’s so rewarding to see old members, some of whom have been with 12 seasons! And we are honored to greet our newcomers to the party — whether this is your first time in a CSA or you’re just new to our farm, we sincerely hope you have a rewarding season and will be with us for seasons to come. YOU are our community and the foundation of the farm, without you choosing to eat seasonally and support local farming we wouldn’t be here! So thank you and eat your vegetables!

Eating seasonally means lots of greens in spring & early summer. But that is a good thing really, because leafy greens are nutritional powerhouses — which our bodies need this time of year after the lean months of winter. Traditionally, before we started freakishly shipping food around the world, winter months were lean and we needed a lot of nutrients in spring to make up for it. So first you get a lot of greens, and then summer comes along and rewards us with sweet fruits and vegetables and fall brings us storage crops to hold us through another long winter. So the cycle goes…. click here to read full newsletter