2012 Newsletter #10 – How HOT Can it Get??

August is living up to its age-old status as the epitome of mature summer. Behind us is mild, rainy, salmonberry-abundant June. A thing of the past is July, which saw Independence Day finally nudge aside the eternal spring (June-uary, as we were calling it) for some sustained sunshine and heat. Now it’s mid-August, and what is the crescendo of summer if not the prelude to Fall? Can’t be a coincidence that the hummingbirds seem to have disappeared overnight.

What does sunshine and heat mean for us at Oxbow? For starters, it’s good conditions for refining your irrigation-moving techniques. Twice a day, at least, we move up to five hundred feet of aluminum piping and sprinkler heads, reconfiguring the supply hoses that run down to the Snoqualmie and pump water to keep our precious crops prospering. It is a constant task but the rewards are upon us and show no signs of abatement. … click here to read full newsletter