2012 Newsletter #12 – An Intern’s Perspective

I’m not one to use a lot of four letter words, but with Friday night’s blue moon and the faint cloud of my own breath visible in the air this morning, it seems like fall is settling back in out here in the valley. Resistance to fall is futile. Luckily, as participants of agriculture, we know that fall is a time for celebrating and it should be welcomed back with wide open arms.
This fall is especially exciting to me as an intern out here at Oxbow, as it will be the first fall I have lived outside my motherland of Wisconsin. For the year and a half prior to my arrival in the Snoqualmie Valley, I was urban farming in Milwaukee. Though I did a little bit of everything from feeding goats and chickens to vermicomposting to delivering produce, I was primarily a hoop-house site manager at one of our 12 production spaces in the Milwaukee area. At the time, the site had 16 handmade hoophouses each with four raised beds of compost, in total about a mile’s worth of raised bed where we were growing lettuces, chard, tomatoes, kale, mustard greens, amaranth, okra, peppers, and a host of other vegetables depending on the season. It was an incredible experience, but after a year and a half in the big city I was ready for a return to rural life. In mid-April I hopped on the Empire Builder and came west. … click here to read full newsletter