2012 Newsletter #20 – Gratitude

Hats off to Megan for writing such amazing newsletters for the past 2 (3?) years!  Megan does a lot here and the newsletters at times can be her tipping point.  This week, as usual, there has been a ton on her plate and she was, shall we say, a little stressy about it (Note, I didn’t say “as usual” here Megan).  So magnanimously I told her I would take the newsletters over for the REST of the season.  To which she somewhat derisively replied, “This is the last one farmboy”.
“Oh, well, perfect timing I guess!  Ha ha…ha.  I mean, for me.  Ha ha ha”, I replied.  “Ha ha.”
Sooooooo, seriously folks, this is the last box of the 2012 regular season…Still time to sign up for our WINTER SHARE though, it is almost sold out so sign up today! The last box is always bitter sweet for us.  We are happy to be slowing down but we also thrive on the community that this CSA thing creates.  We greatly appreciate the positive feedback we have received throughout the season, and we grow and learn and cry and tear our hair out and wring our hands in tragic despair…wait, I mean just, and we grow and learn from the negative feedback (thankfully far outnumbered by the positive!). …click here to read full newsletter