2012 Newsletter #5 – It’s HOT Now!

Summer is definitely here… it is freakin’ HOT out! And what’s up with the thunder storms and bursts of heavy rain, it’s like we suddenly moved to the south. The good news with all this heat is the fields are growing like crazy. Most of our crops LOVE all this heat. The raspberries are flush with ripening berries and we’ll be able to hit up all of your boxes next week and after. Our tomato, bean and cucumber plants are flush with flowers, which bees are pollinating as I write, to turn those flowers into the fruits we like to eat in 2-3 weeks. And the explosion of summer squash has started and will continue to overwhelm for weeks to come. The high temperatures will also cause the broccoli & cauliflower (which are densely packed flower heads) to want to bloom. So they will look a little different than what you might be used to. Not to worry, there is nothing wrong with them it’s just that each flower is starting to open up. … click here to read full newsletter