2012 Newsletter #7 – Risks and Rewards of CSA Membership

Here we are in week #7 of our 2012 season and hopefully you’re feeling pretty pleased with your decision to join a CSA and eat more local vegetables. Being a CSA member is seemingly a simple choice, yet is also a profound decision. You are choosing to eat more vegetables; to eat in season and expose yourself to new and sometimes strange vegetables; to step away from a flawed industrial food system which is designed around economic models rather than natural models; to reconnect with the land and your local food supply by developing a relationship with a farmer and learning more about how food is grown; and if you have kids, giving them another compelling reason to eat their veggies! There are lots of rewards but there is also risk — What if we have a bad season?  What if you get too much of a vegetable that you don’t really like? Risk is a very important concept woven into the CSA model; you are sharing the risks, as well as the rewards, the farmers face every season. The hope is that this shared risk is what helps to create the sense of community between you, our members and us, your farmers. That you gain a better appreciation of your food and how it’s grown. You are part of this farm! … click here to read full newsletter