2012 Newsletter #8 – Oxbow Wild Sprouts Day Camps

…Just some of the characters I met in the orchard yesterday. No, the farm interns have not lost their senses (yet)…it’s the Wild Sprouts! They have invaded the farm!

These Wild Sprout campers are a welcome infestation, bringing their vivid imaginations onto our verdant Kid’s Farm. They troll around the farm from field to orchard, from orchard to wetland, from wetland to Living Playground, these little herds of colorful campers grazing on farm food. They are led by amazing camp instructors who will have them one moment singing softly to a tomato, the next running and howling like coyotes. Their faces are painted by plums and fresh peas and blueberries and chickweed and mud. The Wild Sprouts are like a fresh breeze on this farm. Best kind of fertilizer for this soil! Even the overworked farm crew smiles as they go by. … click here to read full newsletter