2012 Newsletter #9 – Successions for a Long Season

You have probably heard me mention the term succession in a newsletter or 2… What is a succession, you might wonder? Here’s the backstory. Most of our crops are planted multiple times throughout a season; each planting is called a succession. Every season we have 8 transplant and 6 direct-sown successions between February & August. This is how we can harvest fresh lettuce, greens & carrots from June to November. Plants that need a little extra care in the seeding stage, like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes, onions and the brassicas are planted into plastic cells in our warm & cozy prop house. When the seedlings are past infancy, we transplant these toddlers into the fields. Other crops, like our famous carrots, beets, radishes, turnips, parsnips, potatoes, beans & herbs are direct sown — meaning their seeds are planted directly into the fields. To plant seeds directly into the ground, a lot more tractor work has to be done to get the soil nice and fluffy and ready for the little seeds — for the 1st & 2nd planting in Feb and April, it can be very challenging to find the 4-5 dry days needed to work the soil and plant. Farmers Luke and Adam are easily distracted this time of year: they can be in the middle of a conversation, eating lunch or working on a project in the barn, and a sun break happens and they disappear… In a flash they are on a tractor cultivating the fields. … click here to read full newsletter