2012 Winter Newsletter #1 – Vegetable Storage

Brrrrrrr. The heat is on in the office, the farmers are in their wool watchmen caps and the summer crops are a distant (warm) memory.

What does that mean for you and your CSA experience you wonder?? Cucumbers, tomatoes & zucchini’s are high summer crops and mostly gone for the year. But the cool weather crops are coming back on, like spinach, turnips, lettuces & brassicas (cabbages, broccoli & cauliflower). Our root crops like carrots, beets & potatoes and of course our hearty greens all love this cooler, wet weather. A big ‘ol benefit of being a CSA shareholder at this time of year is your boxes are heavier with storage crops that you can certainly eat now or start to store away for the winter. Storage crops like carrots, beets, parsnips, potatoes, cabbage, onions & winter squashes; with a little prep and planning have been keeping us fed through the winter for thousands of years. Here are some basic tips on storing. …click here to read full newsletter