2013 Newsletter #2 – The Start of Something New

The tempo on the farm has changed. It hasn’t happened overnight, and it hasn’t happened in the last week, but slowly there has been a shift. The slow and quiet of the winter months progressed forward into a warmer (and drier)-than-usual spring. A new crop of interns have started, veggies have transformed from seed to start to thriving plant in the fields and tours of school children have giggled and explored their way through the Kids Farm. It’s exciting to witness this transformation: to listen to the horses from the neighbor’s property chomping on the grass outside the office window and to witness all the fresh green growth and budding flowers. And just as the farm has undergone a change, the office is also in the midst of change. After spending nine amazing months working as the office assistant, my time on the farm is coming to an end. In a week I’ll be leaving for the Philippines to serve in the Peace Corps…to read the full newsletter click here.