2013 Newsletter #3 – Succession


The 2013 season began, for me, the first week of March in the propagation house. The excellent Alice, who many of you see every week at the Ballard Farmers Market, showed me the ways of the vacuum seeder and she and I sowed 500 flats of broccoli, kale, lettuce and more.  It was still winter and it was dark.  Those flats looked like nothing more than soil for far too long. I watched those flats like they were pots that would never boil.  I was nervous that I had done something wrong — not watered enough, not covered them with enough vermiculite, used the seeder incorrectly (it’s really not that complicated). But then the magic happened.  Just like it always does.

Those 500 flats germinated, grew up, moved outside and were planted in the fields.  And now, those 500 flats are being harvested for these first weeks of your CSA!  The beautiful heads of Red Summer Crisp lettuce and tender bunches of kale are just the beginning of what we have planned for you this CSA season.  Since that first week in March, we have sown 4 more successions and we are wrapping up the very last one this week.  This last sowing will be in the boxes we pack for you in October and, hopefully, into your Winter Share as well.

Now it is the first week in July, and those long, quiet prop house days are well behind me.  I am so pleased to be back for another season at Oxbow working with many of the same lovely people from last year and a whole new cast of characters on the intern team.  This year’s group is ridiculously talented, both on the field and off.  The farm is once again in full swing and a whole lot of magic is happening.  Just like it always does.

-Sarah D.