2013 Newsletter # 4 – Farmers’ Laments

Farmers’ Laments

Lamenting the end of the strawberry season and other delicious complaints of Farmer Grace and her fellow interns…

At the beginning of our weekly intern meetings we go around and say something we are grateful for, which usually revolves around an animal sighting on the farm, kids whom shriek and laugh as they run around picking carrots straight out of the ground or realizing you can eat flowers, or the simple beauty of our veggies.  Like any other workplace, occasionally we have our tough days when stress and exhaustion build up, and the only solution is raise your voice and vent. Recently we experienced one of these days and had what we coined a “pity party” down by the river during our lunch break (rough, right?). You are probably thinking right about now, why is Farmer Grace writing about this for the CSA newsletter? Well, the best part about was our party was our grievances. Two stood out as exceptionally hilarious in the scheme of bad things in life. One farmer complained how raspberries are no longer her favorite fruit because she ate way too many last year, and now can consume only three before it’s too much. Mine was that the delicious strawberries that have graced us with their juicy, tenderness for the last month are on there way out. Farmer Joshua then had to change his pity from having to work in wet underwear (he had just jumped in the river) to the loss of the strawberries as well. A communal lament happened for a few minutes about the strawberries. When the worst things in life revolve around the real seasons of fruits and veggies you know you are tied to seasons. I guess we will just have to wait another year for more strawberries. Good thing the blueberries are almost ready!