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Squirrels, Seeds, and Trees Lesson

This lesson will guide students to make a connection to the outdoors as a habitat for a familiar animal: the squirrel. Through inquiry-based guidance and participation in a squirrel food scavenger hunt, students will learn about squirrel habitat with a focus on food and shelter and will be able to answer the question: Does your schoolyard make a good habitat for squirrels?

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Squirrels, Seeds, and Trees is part of Oxbow’s Earth Connections: Science Through the Seasons program in partnership with Frank Wagner Elementary.

The lesson was presented as an outdoor lesson example at the 2018 Starting Strong P-3rd Grade Institute

Pre & Post Field Trip Lessons & Activities

Oxbow Supports Next Generation Science Standards!

On-farm or garden-based environmental education is an excellent platform for exploring Life Sciences through hands-on activities and guided inquiry. Continue the learning at school with a post-field trip activity where students make observations, ask questions, and use evidence to communicate their findings.

Fall Farm Adventures

Pre Lesson: Watch our Fall Farm Adventures Welcome Video

Post Lesson: The Pumpkin Rot Experiment [see NGSS supported connections]

Pre-K through 1st Grade [Download a PDF]

2nd Grade through 5th Grade [Download a PDF]



Pre-Field Trip Lessons

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