Adventure Awaits

Our Farm Stand, fields, and forest are yours to explore. From casual nature walks and U-Pick opportunities to unforgettable events, there are bushels and pecks of ways to connect with nature and learn how to better nurture the health of our land and community.



Saturday —Sunday


10819 Carnation-Duvall Rd NE, Carnation, WA, 98014

Located in the beautiful Snoqualmie River Valley, just 25 miles from Seattle—6 min from downtown Duvall & 18 min from downtown Redmond. Cyclists, runners, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds can easily access the farm from the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.

*Note for Fridays:All U-Pick fields and walking trails past the Farm Stand will have a delayed opening of 3PM on Fridays 6/28, 7/12, 7/26, 8/9, and 8/23 due to Summer Camp. Thank you for your understanding!


Our Farm Stand provides an array of Certified Organic and Salmon Safe seasonal produce, plus native plants, and an assortment of partner products including cheese, eggs, preserves, and mushrooms. Passing by along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail? Take a refreshing break and enjoy a cold beverage while exploring the fresh offerings of our farm.

We accept Cash, Check, EBT and SNAP Produce rewards, & all major credit and debit cards.

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You’re invited to pick herbs and fruit and build your own flower bouquets any time the Oxbow’s Farm Stand is open! You can experience where your food comes from, get your hands dirty, and enjoy some quality time outside.

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We have 8 nature trails ranging from 0.1 to 1.2 miles. Paths weave from lush vegetable fields, to the serene Oxbow Lake, and past inspiring restoration sites along the Snoqualmie River. Find animal tracks, check off scavenger hunt items, and listen for melodic native bird songs. Whether you’re an avid nature enthusiast, a family seeking outdoor bonding time, or simply someone looking to unwind from the grind, our trails promise refreshing outdoor experience.

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Pop your headphones on and join Matt, our Conservation Program Manager, for a guided walk from our Farm Stand, through our front field, to the riparian forest along the edge of the Snoqualmie River. Uncover the hidden geological and cultural history of the landscape.

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It’s incredible what you can notice when you slow down and look or listen carefully. Download one of our seasonal scavenger hunts below (or pick one up at the Farm Stand), then use your powers of observation to investigate near the forests, farm fields, and bodies of water around Oxbow. Check off boxes as you go, and have fun!

Our Living Playground is designed for kids to explore nature’s wonders! Venture through vine tunnels and investigate vibrant garden beds, where little ones can discover the joys of gardening and witness plants at different stages of life. Adventures await atop the popular climbing tractor, providing fun farming daydreams and healthy outdoor play.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape or a delightful gathering with loved ones, our picnic tables near the Farm Stand, orchard, and Kids’ Farm pergolas provide an idyllic setting to commune with nature and one another.

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Our Farm Share (CSA) program goes beyond food. In addition to enjoying a Certified Organic and Salmon Safe weekly subscription of local produce, Shareholders can connect with the land, their farmers, and grow community. On-farm pick-ups, community potlucks, recipe exchanges, and U-Picking days provide Shareholders with opportunities to deepen relationships with our fields, farmers, and friends. We accepts SNAP/EBT benefits.

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Kids ages 7-11 are invited to spend summer outdoors, playing, laughing, learning, and getting messy, during  authentic farm activities and child-led creative play.

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Hands-on, guided field trips for schools and groups at Oxbow offer immersive experiences that open all 5 senses to the life, big and small, on our vegetable farm. Through interactive learning, students and visitors gain a deeper appreciation for sustainable agriculture, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship that will stay with them long after they leave.

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We have several rewarding volunteer opportunities for individuals passionate about habitat restoration, agriculture, and/or environmental education. Join us, and make a positive impact as you engage in hands-on projects that promote ecological balance, aid in hunger relief, and inspire future generations to care for our natural world.

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We strive to be a place that is welcoming for all to enjoy and explore, regardless of disability or mobility challenges. We have a number of facilities in place to improve our accessibility for guests with physical disabilities (see below, and linked map), however our site is not ADA-approved, and do not currently have assisted mobility devices for guests to use while on site. As a working farm, ground is often uneven, muddy and/or rocky, and may be difficult to navigate for folks with difficulties walking or with assisted mobility devices (such as wheelchairs, canes, etc.)  Please reach out to us at if you have specific concerns, questions or feedback so that we can continue to improve the accessibility of our farm.

There are marked, reserved, accessible parking spaces in our main Farm Stand parking lot. If these are full, or if the path to the barn/kids farm space presents a barrier, continue driving the gravel road past the orchard and ahead to the right just as you pass the dumpsters, there are several spaces marked for visitors that are large enough for an ADA van.

The roads on site are graded gravel, and can be variable in their smoothness. Parking lots are typically well-graded and should present no problems for walking/mobility devices, but farm roads may have potholes, wheel ruts and/or loose rocks (please use caution.)  Paths around the farm range from wooden plank boardwalks (mainly around the living playground), to smooth mulched walkways (living playground and farm stand), to dirt trails (farm rows and perimeter, nature trails).  The plank boardwalks and mulched pathways are flat and even, the rest of the grounds, including the grass, the surfaces of the dirt trails and farm fields can be uneven, and muddy during the rainy season (or during irrigation). The trails and farm fields may prove challenging or inaccessible for assisted mobility devices, particularly wheelchairs with narrow tires.

Restrooms for visitors are well-maintained “honey bucket” portable outhouses, that can be found at various locations around the farm. Two of these are specifically ADA compliant, one located across from the Farm Stand, and the other is on the right just past the Kids’ Farm, as you head down the road to the production fields.


Yes. In 2021, we moved our public entrance a 1/4 mile south on HWY 203. If you haven’t visited since then, please pay careful attention to signage. Look for a large “Welcome to Oxbow” sign marking the new driveway.

Other entrances used in past years will be closed and may be difficult to back out of; please do not use any other entrances unless you’ve been specifically instructed to by Oxbow staff.

  • Please drive slowly (10 MPH) on all farm roads and watch for other guests
  • Follow the signs directing you to the parking area
  • Do not drive past the Farm Stand unless you’ve been instructed to by Oxbow staff

  • Dress for the weather: Bring a hat and wear layers. Sun protection and a water bottle are highly recommended.
  • Wear appropriate footwear. The fields and public areas have lots of lumps and bumps—so sturdy, closed-toe shoes or boots are recommended.
  • Credit cards, cash, check, and EBT are accepted for Farm Stand purchases.
  • Mud happens! A spare towel or two to put down in your car for the ride home can’t hurt.

  • No alcoholic beverages, please. With the exception of special permitted events, alcohol is not allowed on the property.
  • No cigarettes, e-cigs, or vape pens, please. Smoking of any kind is not allowed on the property.

For the preservation of our organic standards and to protect the natural ecosystem, kindly note that dogs are welcome only in the parking area and Farm Stand, and must be kept away from the trails and fields at Oxbow.

We kindly request that visitors refrain from harvesting anything from the fields unless it has been specifically listed as a U-Pick item or they have received permission from our staff. Respecting this policy helps us maintain the quality and integrity of our fields and produce, ensuring the continuation of a thriving and bountiful harvest for all to enjoy.

Come rain or shine, we’re delighted to welcome you to Oxbow! Please note that we will close our site in cases of extreme heat, smoke, flood, or severe weather. Stay informed about any closures or updates by checking our social media channels, home page, and this page on our website. We’ll keep you posted on any changes, ensuring you can plan your visit with confidence.