Farm Stand

Farm Stand CLOSED this weekend, November 27 & 28

Our fantastic crew will be staying at home enjoying some downtime with their families and pets, and we would hate for you to make the drive all the way here to find our doors closed. We will reopen December 4 & 5. Happy long weekend and see you soon!

Flood Season

Being located in the low-lying river valley, Oxbow is subject to regular seasonal flooding from approximately November through April every year. Please note that flooding may cause unexpected site closures. Announcements will be made on our homepage and social media. Follow us on Facebook, or Instagram for updates. 

>> Learn more about farming in a floodplain

Welcome to the Farm Stand!

Oxbow’s Farm Stand proudly offers a seasonal variety of fresh Certified Organic and Salmon-Safe produce, cut and wild flower bouquets, as well as native plant starts and garden starts.


Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM-4PM

Winter Closures

November 27-28
December 25-26
January 1-2

Farm Stand availability list

November 20 & 21 Availability (Updated Friday afternoons)

Oxbow Certified Organic Vegetables

Lettuce Heads | Assorted Chicories | Leeks | Parsley| Dino Kale | Collards | Beets | Carrots | Celeriac | Daikon Radishes | Sweet Potatoes | Onions | Winter Squash: Delicata, Butternut, Starry Night, Black Futsu, Sugar Pie Pumpkins

Partner Products

Eggs from Sky Valley Family Farm
Mushrooms from Mount Si Fungi
Apples from OPMA

Oxbow Native Plants

Scientific Name Common Name Size  Price 
Adintum aeluticum maidenhair fern 4″ pot  $          8.00
Allium cernuum nodding onion 1 gallon  $        12.00
Aquilegia formosa red columbine 1 gallon  $        15.00
Armeria maritima sea thrift 4″ pot  $          5.00
Asarum caudatum wild ginger 4″ pot  $          5.00
Erigeron speciosus showy fleabane 4″ pot  $          8.00
Erythranthe guttata common monkeyflower 1 gallon  $        10.00
Fragaria chiloensis beach strawberry 4″ pot  $          5.00
Fragaria virginiana virginia strawberry 4″ pot  $          5.00
Gaillardia aristata blanketflower band pot  $        12.00
Gaultheria shallon salal 1 gallon  $        12.00
Gymnocarpium dryopteris oak fern 4″ pot  $          8.00
Iris tenax Oregon iris 4″ pot  $          8.00
Mentha canadensis field mint 1 gallon  $        10.00
Penstemon serrulatus cascade/coast penstemon 4″ pot  $          5.00
Ribes lacustre black currant 1 gallon  $        12.00
Rubus leucodermis blackcapped raspberry 1 gallon  $        10.00
Rubus parviflorus thimbleberry 1 gallon  $        12.00
Sedum divergens spreading stonecrop 4″ pot  $          5.00
Sedum lanceolatum spealeaf stonecrop 4″ pot  $          5.00
Sedum oreganum Oregon stonecroop 4″ pot  $          5.00
Sedum spathulifolium broadleaf stonecrop 4″ pot  $          5.00
Sisyrinchium californicum golden eyed grass 4″ pot  $          5.00
Symphiotrichum hallii hall’s aster band  $        12.00
Tiarella trifoliata Foamflower 1 gallon  $        15.00
Vaccinium ovatum evergreen huckleberry 1 gallon  $        15.00
Vaccinium parvifolium red huckleberry band  $        12.00
Viola adunca early blue violet 4″ pot  $          5.00
Viola glabella pioneer violet 4″ pot  $          5.00

Health & Safety

Please observe social distancing of 6 feet or more and wear a mask or face covering when indoors at the Farm Stand. See our latest mask policy update for both vaccinated and unvaccinated guests here.

Trails and Picnicking

Picnic tables are available near the Farm Stand for snacking and perching! Or enjoy exploring our network of eight short, family-friendly hiking trails. 

>> Download a trail map here.

Payment Options

Debit, Credit, and SNAP/EBT cards accepted, along with cash/check.