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Retail Sales

Get growin’ with native plants! We offer a vibrant variety of species to the public at our Farm Stand, through local plant sales, and via direct bulk orders.

Local Partners

We collaborate with organizations, providing our native plants during their seasonal sales; check their sites for dates and details:

Bulk & Contract Orders

We offer bulk orders to businesses, non-profits, agencies, municipalities, and folks in the plant trade.

Organizations whose missions align with Oxbow’s are eligible for up to a 50% discount—contact us for details. These could include: Nonprofits, Tribes, Schools or other Government Entities engaging in ecological restoration or environmental/horticultural education especially relative to native plants.

Please review our policies for pricing terms & conditions and ordering process. Note $100 order minimum.

Email nativeplants@oxbow.org to place a bulk order.

From left to right: 7ci plug Sisyrinchium californicum, 10ci plug Ribes sanguineum, 19ci plug Vaccinium membranaceum, 27ci plug Anaphalis margaritacea, and 40ci plug Acer macrophyllum.

Some of the plants you might find this season include:

Evergreen huckleberry
A small to medium sized shrub producing edible fruit and small clusters of pink bell-shaped flowers which grows in coniferous forests.

Mountain hemlock

A small, slow growing conifer generally found in bogs, fens, bog margins, avalanche tracks, forests, and on rocky slopes. The seeds are eaten by birds.

Taper-tip onion
Preferring full sun and well drained soil, this allium boasts vibrant clustered purple flowers and edible leaves, bulbs, and bulblets.