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Empowering Tribal Culture, Ecology, And Food Systems FREE Webinar Series

This webinar series aims to support Indigenous communities’ efforts to restore their land, reduce food insecurity, and increase economic opportunity through the production of native plants. Through these efforts, tribes can improve access to healthy and traditionally harvested foods, medicines and plants for textiles and ceremonial use. Expert voices will offer strategies Tribes can utilize to develop or improve food sovereignty initiatives and native plant propagation.

Growing Natives from Seed: A series on simple seed propagation methods for native plants

douglasia spring 2018 cover

The 5-part series below originally appeared in Douglasia, a quarterly journal published by the Washington Native Plant Society. 

Native Plants of the Snoqualmie Valley videoVideo: Native Plants of the Snoqualmie Valley
Hosted by Demarus Tevuk of Sustainable Seattle

Strengthening the relationship between people and plants is a key step towards sustainable stewardship of the land. Join us as we discuss how Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center and the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe are actively involved in ecological restoration and restoring native plants to the local ecosystem in the Snoqualmie Valley. This talk focuses on some native plants that are easy to grow and the plants provide many ecosystem services. This talk was presented by the Sustainable Resource Committee and is sponsored by the Baha’i Faith in Snoqualmie Valley.

Guest speakers
Alex Harwell, Outreach Program Manager of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe
Bridget McNassar, Native Plant Program Manager of Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center

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