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Oxbow is your farm – a place to find solace in nature and be part of a dynamic organization that actively promotes biodiversity, climate resilience, and healthy food systems. Located just 25 miles from Seattle, Oxbow is your place to connect to nature and learn how to help improve the health of our community, and our planet.

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6-Week Spring CSA $200 $180 $20
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(Regularly priced at $600. Early Bird pricing valid through 2/14/21)

$517.50 $57.50
26-Week CSA Bundle $750 $675 $125


Your Membership Supports…

Native plant production and research, helping educate people about native plants and bring more of them into local ecosystems  

Initiatives and partnerships that inform and educate other farmers, scientists, and researchers

Restoration efforts that improve habitats for wildlife and build resilience in our ecosystem 

Sustainable, organic farming practices that minimize negative impact on the environment

Environmental education programming for children of all ages

Hunger relief efforts that support local food banks

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 Oxbow is a Certified Organic and Certified Salmon-Safe farm