A Rhubarb PSA

A rhubarb-related public service announcement from the farmers to you: Not ALL rhubarb is ALL red.

Our “Uncle Ralph’s” rhubarb is NOT supermarket-standard, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good eating. We grow a variegated variety that never turns wholly red, even when it’s ready for harvest.

In fact, our red-green rhubarb grows more vigorously than the red-only varieties, meaning farmers can grow more of it with less work. Often, supermarkets and chefs are wary to buy it, though, because it’s different from what people expect.

This is a challenge we run into a lot. Special thanks  to the good folks at PCC Fremont for going out on a limb with us and challenging those expectations. Are you eating green rhubarb this season? Let us know!

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