Art in Nature

Oxbow’s Education team recently took turns creating Nature Art, a mindful practice that allowed for some creative expression outdoors. When the breeze blows, or the art gets disturbed, nature teaches us impermanence…this too shall pass! Check out the creations our educators made below!

“I made a supernova! I started out making a mandala but as I expanded it, it kept getting larger, and my love of space came to mind. I used sticks, harvested chives I’ll use in dinner tonight, saved calendula seed heads, found some fallen apple blossoms and salmon berry blossoms, and morning glory “hearts” weeded out of a bed. Found a slug friend just as I was finishing up, now it’s taking a journey through space.” 

– Farmer Shannon


“I created my art on my porch because every time I went outside to do this today it started raining, so I opted to do it despite the rain! My process involved roaming my yard and looking for natural objects that popped. I really enjoyed collecting whatever I was particularly drawn to. There was no “right” or “wrong” in this process, I could collect and create whatever felt good!” 

– Farmer Zoe

NATURE ART 2“Since I don’t have a yard, I went to a different green space that had more readily available supplies for my nature art! There are a lot of joggers or cyclists on our nearby urban trail, so I left a sunburst made out of dandelion flowers, seed puffs, rocks, and sticks. And a wish—the biggest wish, as the wind started blowing away the dandelion seed puffs—for more sunshine in our lives and hearts right now.”

– Farmer Emma

NATURE ART 3“Quite a few things are blooming out at Oxbow. I decided to make a sash by weaving together a few pieces of willow and tucking in buttercup and elderberry flowers, comfrey and apple blossoms, and cardoon leaves.”

– Farmer Ben

NATURE ART 4“I was thrilled to come across this apparent fort-building zone in a park near my home. For my nature art, my husband and I constructed this bird’s nest in the tree. It was very much inspired by Andy Goldsworthy and his spiral designs. After a few photos, we disassembled it for safety and to Leave No Trace. Hopefully the next person who comes across this special place has the same amount of fun that we did.”

– Farmer Hallie

NATURE ART 6“I really enjoyed the process, I felt like I could easily get carried away and keep adjusting and adding things forever! I was inspired by the bright, shiny, yellow, buttercup flowers, they make me think of sunshine.”

– Farmer Hannah


Farmer Becca’s log-top mandala.
Farmer Shea’s “Mega-Hydra-Weed.”

With so many springtime blossoms dropping from trees, windblown leaves, and abundant dandelions, it’s the perfect time to play outside and try making your own nature art. Need help getting started? We just added an easy Nature Art lesson to our growing batch of online education resources If you make some nature art, please share it with us on Facebook or Instagram!

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life. – Rachel Carson