How your CSA membership supports agricultural research

By becoming a member of Oxbow’s Community Supported Agriculture program, YOU support important research that helps farmers understand how to remain economically viable without sacrificing ecological values.

In 2016, we are participating in three research projects in our production fields to investigate how farmers can better meet the double bottom line of economic viability and ecological well-being.

By joining our CSA, you get to share in the bounty of the season and learn, along the way, about the developments of this research.

There are three projects this season:

Optimizing nitrogen management on organic and biologically intensive farms
WSU Puyallup

We are learning about: Improving nitrogen fertilizer management in too little fertilizer compromises yield and profit while over-application leaves nitrate in the soil that is prone to leaching during winter and poses a threat to water quality. This study is taking place with our broccoli.

Reduced tillage organic agriculture and cover crop research
WSU Puyallup

We are learning about: Low-till farming as a means of preserving the complex web of microscopic life by keeping the soil intact, conserving water, reducing CO2 emissions, and suppressing weeds. This study is taking place with our zucchini. Read more

Compost outreach project
WSU Snohomish

Focuses on closing the loop by returning compost made from food and yard waste back to local farms to build soil quality. This project is taking place with our beets.

We hope that you’ll share the season with us, and participate in the important work happening in our region to ensure a healthy future for people and the land.