Food is officially growing at Oxbow

Typically, farmers enjoy a bit of down-time over the winter.  Many of our peers take advantage of the opportunity to travel, hibernate, read, and generally relax.  As farmers at Oxbow, we use the winter months to strengthen our connection with the mission of our organization.  We work with our colleagues to integrate our programming and focus our collective effort on promoting responsible land use.

With March almost upon us, we find ourselves ready to return to the land with boots-on-the-ground farming!

We couldn’t help but jump at the chance to start working up the fields in early February’s first dry spell, opening up 10 acres to let the soil breathe, begin to dry out and to coax the weed banks into first flush. That initial cultivation opened the door to the 2016 season, and this week’s peek into spring inspired us to walk on through to the other side.

This week, we sowed the season’s first sugar snap peas! Fava beans, radishes and arugula are close behind. Our Early Season members will have first dibs on these spring treats in May, and we anticipate heading into the Main Season in July with an abundance of healthy, organic produce to share.

If you haven’t joined our Community Supported Agriculture program for the 2016 season, now is a great time to sign up! Seeds are arriving daily, perennial crops like strawberries and rhubarb are waking up, and the propagation house is being put back together for a first sowing next week.  We’re excited to tell you all about what is happening on your farm!

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