Nominate Oxbow for a Golden Teddy

ParentMap has just opened the nomination round of its 2016 Golden Teddy Awards, and we need your help to be nominated!

The Golden Teddys recognize organizations offering top quality entertainment and education to Puget Sound families. Last year, we were named finalists in the categories of “Nature/environmental Camps and “U-picks and family farms.”

Sure, it’s hard to take something called a Golden Teddy Award seriously, but we are a nonprofit and could really use the recognition!

Want to help us? Here’s what to do:

1. Click here

2. Scroll down to Nature/Environmental Camps and write-in Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center

3. Register (Warning: This is where ParentMap is going to require that you agree to receive their email newsletter. If you don’t want them, you can immediately unsubscribe. Don’t let this dissuade you!)

4. After your vote goes through, click Activities for Kids & Family Fun in the left-hand column and

5. Scroll down to U-picks and Family Farms and write-in Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center

6. Give yourself a high-five. You’ve just supported us and helped other families learn about the experiences they can have at Oxbow.