Honoring Tom Alberg

We are deeply saddened to share that Oxbow’s co-founder, Tom Alberg, passed away on Friday, August 5th. Tom was a remarkable person with a vast list of achievements and a deep personal commitment to conservation ecology. Oxbow was at the center of his heart, and he was thrilled to make it a crucial part of his life’s work. 

Tom was renowned and respected as a friend, mentor, visionary, and a steady force in Seattle—empowering the tech industry and the local community to keep moving forward. He was always ready to get behind valuable initiatives in search of an improved, sustainable future. In addition, he was constantly advocating for the critical need for tech and civic leaders to work together to benefit their communities.   

During his college years, Tom would spend summers working the land – bailing hay, installing fence posts, and ‘chasing cows.’ Later, he enjoyed hiking, swimming at the beach along the Snoqualmie River, and picking berries with his kids and grandkids.

In 1997, Tom and his wife Judi committed to restoring the Oxbow property. By 1999, they were working with a local family to establish an organic vegetable farm. In 2009, they founded Oxbow Farm & Conservation Center to deepen their work and expand into restoration, environmental education, and the production of native plants.

Of his many accomplishments in business, politics, and philanthropy, Oxbow’s successes were some that gave him the greatest pride and happiness. When he would talk about the number of children Oxbow serves each year, the twinkle in his eye and the tone in his voice reflected just how special that was to him.  

Here at Oxbow, when we think of Tom, we think of huckleberries, and sunlight streaming on the Oxbow trails where he enjoyed walking, loppers in hand, clipping things, lending a hand, and taking everything in. Today, as we walk around his favorite spots on this sunny day, we remember, honor, and say farewell to a truly remarkable man.  

Tom Alberg was a pivotal force in transforming Oxbow into what it is today; all of us who work here are honored by continuing a small part of his legacy and as we look to the future and consider the highest impact Oxbow can have, for our community and our environment, Tom’s vision, gentle spirit, and deep love of nature will continue to light our path.  

Our thoughts are with his family.  

Thank you, Tom, you will be missed.